Transformers G1 Bludgeon – Random Toys

1989 saw the release of a new series of Pretenders Transformers. The Pretenders were Transformers hidden inside shells disguised as humans, monsters and even vehicles. The second series featured one of my favorites, Bludgeon.

bludgeon-001Bludgeon’s Pretender shell is a Techno-Samurai Skeleton. This was the craziest looking Pretender I had even seen when I started collecting. Like the other Pretenders, the arms rotate up and down, but there is no other articulation.



bludgeon-002Bludgeon’s head is the only part of the skeleton that can be seen. The helmet is removable and the skull is fully sculpted  all around.




bludgeon-003Inside the Pretender shell there is the inner robot. The robot is basically in full tank mode inside the shell, but the tank turret is not attached.




bludgeon-004bludgeon-005Once you add the turret, the tank mode is fully complete. Transformation is very simple. I especially like that the tank barrel can be detached to use as a hand gun.




bludgeon-006Bludgeon has four removable pieces that are easily lost. The tank turret with removable barrel (which according to the tech spec is a “high-voltage electric cannon”) the Samurai helmet and Bludgeon’s laser rifle. I believe these are usually missing because they can not be stored inside the shell.



bludgeon-007Even though all four parts can’t be stored inside the shell, they can be plugged onto the outside of it. Either hand can hold the laser rifle and the tank turret can be plugged into the side of the left arm as additional armor. This makes displaying Bludgeon with all of his parts very easy.



bludgeon-008According to his tech spec, Bludgeon is a master of Metallikato (a Cybertronian martial art) While not mentioned in the tech spec, the comic always showed Bludgeon with a sword. I hated that the G1 toy didn’t come with one, but thankfully GI Joe Action Battlers Storm Shadow comes with a sword that not only looks futuristic enough to go to a Transformer, it also fits the hand hole and is approximately the same color as Bludgeon’s rifle.


bludgeon-009Like many G1 Transformers, Bludgeon is a brick with limited articulation, but he’s very interesting looking (or at least his Pretender shell is) His popularity is probably increased due to his becoming leader of the Decepticons for a short time in the original comics, but for me, just being a skull faced Transformer was enough to make him a must have toy. He is one of the more sought after Pretenders and commands a high price when complete.