Transformers / Top Gun Autobot: Maverick


>>> To: Admiral Peter Cullen

>>> From: Signal Intelligence, European Command.


>>> Additional observation and analysis have led us to believe it is friendly.

>>> Call Sign Maverick

>>> Affiliation: Autobots

“Tower, request permission for a fly-by!”











Hold up, did you just say Maverick?

Screaming out of the Top Gun universe at an awe-inspiring Mach 2.34 is Maverick, and he is here to lay down the pain on some Decepticons. This sexy piece of aviation hardware can devastate the Decepticons in the air, on the land, or at the beach. (playing volleyball)

“Star Scream will never see this volleyball pitch coming!”











What’s All the Excitement About?

Your intrepid movie news reporter spent half his Navy career fixing aviation electronics. Who would have thought it, but the F-14 was my favorite jet to work on. The only Transformer I have ever owned that was bigger than a Matchbox Car was a mail order Jazz from from the 1980’s. Now, it looks as though the geniuses at Hasbro are going to talk me out of my hard-earned money one more time. And believe me… as a retiree, I can be down right miserly.

What is the worst part you ask? Why, I’m not even a Top Gun fan. I mean, The first 452 times I saw the movie, sure, it was good. But the Navy played that movie in every room with a TV, all throughout the 90’s. When I say they wore that movie out man… believe me, they wore it out. Now, to be fair, they would occasionally mix in a little Iron Eagle from time to time. Occasionally.

(Just one more way Louis Gossett Jr. has saved the day)


“Hold on Maverick, you gotta do your Pre-Flight Check List!”

Pre-Flight Check List:

Do the wings sweep front and back in jet mode? Check

Does it come with (4) missiles for use in both modes? Check

Does Maverick’s head look like the helmet from the movie? Check

Does it come with a mini movie version of the motorcycle? Check

Does it come with a volleyball? Check.

Is it articulated enough for cool volleyball poses? Check









Let us know in the comments below:

What are your thoughts on this new addition of the Transformer: Generations line?

What’s your favorite Transformer jet?

Is there a better F-14 Transformer than this one?

What movies did the military (or others) try to use to brain wash you?

Ready for all challengers











According to Hasbro Plus, pre-orders are supposed to start shipping in October.

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