Transformers at Toy Fair

It’s another year of growth and change for those that are More Than Meets The Eye. Hasbro is fully prepped and ready to make the Transformers 30th Anniversary spectacular. The main idea behind the line is that Hasbro is doing away with one toy for everyone but different types to meet different needs.

A72960000_Jetfire4 copy


The Robots in Disguise line is the nesting place for easy Transformations, ranging from a simply flip over to a rapid spin. The line dedicated for the grade school crowd is fresh, exciting, engaging, and even contains a few sculpts for the older fan. The main focus of this line seems to be on the upcoming Bay-formers movie. All the Dinobots will be present along with a new movie style Drift and Crosshairs.

Galvatron will be seeing some movie love for the first time as he is taking on the form of the dark truck that has been seen in pictures since August.

The Rescue Bots are still around bringing the under 5s a Transformer with a style all its own. Nothing too spectacularly different or revolutionary coming in this line on 2014 but is a solid line with a good target demographic.



The Generations line is seeing a massive upswing in love from Hasbro, the groundswell of love and dedication that this series has garnered through the last several years is reaching its highest peak yet with a staggering 72 pieces coming out of this line in 2014. Some of those are based off of the movie line but the sculpts are pretty amazing. Galvatron, Grimlock, and Slash take the sculpt award as they are three of the best looking ones in the line.

The real money is in the IDW/30th Anniversary line of figures. It’s in this line that JETFIRE REIGNS SUPREME!!!! There were a flurry of questions about Harmony Gold but Hasbro feels they are in a good place with HG and there shouldn’t be any issues with a repeat of this past summer.



The upcoming Swerve legends class figure sent someone into a Swerve-gasm during the presentation and the uproar and fun did not end there.

If Masterpiece Sunstorm is indeed coming to a store near you than he will be having company in the form of the rerelease of Masterpiece Grimlock with crown and flaming sword that people scrambled for in January.

I can confirm Sky-Byte is coming and is absolutely gorgeous; there isn’t a third party to touch him.




2014 is one hell of an anniversary for Transformers.