Toys R Us MP-04 Masterpiece Prowl Review and Gallery

When Hasbro announced the upcoming release of the MP-04 Prowl, everyone was excited and eagerly awaiting his arrival. Now that we have him, does he live up to the hype? The short answer is yes! This my friends is an excellent Transformers that almost reaches the trifecta of perfection.

Prowl is indeed near perfect; the articulation is sound, transformation is good (once you figure out those damn legs) and his accessory is spot on. For a Masterpiece release, he only came with one gun but to me this is an accurate G1 weapon and it fits nicely in his hands. I am not sure what else Hasbro could have thrown in but I am fine with what we got. The articulation is nice and the arm joints win it for me.

One of the biggest complaints I have, especially with 3rd party Transformers, is arm articulation. Hasbro delivered this just fine. The transformation is a bit tough,and I will explain. If you’re like me, you need to use the instruction booklet for the initial transformation.

The booklet starts off in-car mode and you go from there but the figure comes in robot mode and backtracking is not one of my skills. Luckily for myself, I have been on a Transformers kick and I was able to transform him just fine. You do have to tuck and push the legs up but do not worry, they will not break.

The paint apps on my sample was great with no visible issues. I know paint apps can get messy but this one was awesome. The only real issue I have with this piece is the open areas in the back of the lower legs. Still, of that is my only real gripe then this is indeed a near perfect Transformer! Of course opinions will differ and who knows, this could be the pinnacle release for many Prowl fans. My overall rating is a solid 9 out of 10! Check out the images below and remember, Prowl is a Toys R Us exclusive and he retails for $69.99. If you see him, you better snag him as he will not last long!

Next week we will take a look at his counterpart……Sunstorm!!

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