Toy fair 2016 Wrap Up Part 1

Wow, what a week we had. So many companies to see and so many toys and collectibles to shoot! This was an unbelievable Toy Fair folks. Others might have complained of the lack of variety coming to the market but we are here to say otherwise. There will be tons of new merchandise flowing in stores soon and as most of you know, this covers mostly the first three quarters of the year. We still have Botcon, SDCC and possibly Joe Con to go for more reveals.

While we are officially concluding Toy Fair with these 2 parts, just know we still have to sort through many press kits so look for high res official imaging soon on different brands. Up first will be The Good Smile Company and Yes Anime. Yes Anime sorta fell in our laps as we missed these guys several times. If it was not for the 12″ Harry Potter figures we might have missed them all together. 

The Good Smile Company- Makers of Figma and Nendoroid plus others:

_MG_2367_600x900 _MG_2368_600x900 _MG_2369_1200x800 _MG_2370_1200x800 _MG_2371_1200x800 _MG_2372_1200x800 _MG_2373_1200x800 _MG_2374_1200x800 _MG_2375_600x900 _MG_2376_600x900 _MG_2377_600x900 _MG_2378_600x900 _MG_2379_600x900 _MG_2380_600x900 _MG_2381_600x900 _MG_2382_1200x800 _MG_2383_1200x800 _MG_2384_1200x800 _MG_2385_1200x800 _MG_2386_1200x800 _MG_2387_1200x800 _MG_2388_1200x800 _MG_2389_1200x800 _MG_2390_1200x800 _MG_2391_600x900 _MG_2392_600x900

Yes Anime: Anime Trexis will be huge and you can also pick up Harry Potter 12″ figures. These are high end figures so expect to pay a little more.

_MG_2393_600x900 _MG_2394_600x900 _MG_2395_600x900 _MG_2396_600x900 _MG_2397_600x900 _MG_2398_600x900 _MG_2399_1200x800 _MG_2400_1200x800 _MG_2401_1200x800 _MG_2402_1200x800 _MG_2403_1200x800 _MG_2404_1200x800 _MG_2405_1200x800 _MG_2406_1200x800 _MG_2407_1200x800 _MG_2408_1200x800 _MG_2409_1200x800 _MG_2410_1200x800 _MG_2411_1200x800 _MG_2412_1200x800