Toy fair 2016 Wrap Up Part 2

Okay folks this is it, the last of our images from Toy Fair. Like I mentioned, this year was fantastic and unlike other sites that will pass on false or offer “click bait” reporting, we will not. I know the amount of reveals was on the low side but it was the quality over quantity that mattered. If you are looking for Marvel or DC Superhero merchandise, there will be plenty. Star Wars, Transformers, Walking Dead, Spawn, LEGO, TMNT, Power Rangers, POPs and many more will fill our collections to the brink. Anime, Game of Thrones and independent releases will also have a home with many of us. 

While GI Joe took a backseat this year, we all knew this was the case. Nothing has been confirmed by Hasbro officially so do not panic. I know of a few reports claiming otherwise but I do offer a heed of caution. Wait for an official announcement from Hasbro. While the reports could be true it’s better to get an official response from the actual company. I can inform you that nothing was mentioned at Toy Fair to the press. Still, this brand has a long history and we will have something coming from the line again. When, where, how is yet to be determined.

As we close we would like to officially thank all the companies that allowed us an opportunity to walk their showroom booths. It was a blast and we look forward to it again next year. Till then have fun collecting and buy some toys!

The Four Horsemen:

Mythic Legions is wickedly cool. the amount of detail in these figures go beyond the norm. Of course you guys know the Four Horsemen as their work is quite famous. I look forward to diving into this line this year.

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Factory Entertainment:

Premium Motion Statues, Ame-comi and much more will be coming from the fine folks at Factory Entertainment. I love their Diecast and they continue to grow their licenses. Take a gander below at what we saw.

_MG_1412_1200x800 _MG_1413_1200x800 _MG_1414_1200x800 _MG_1415_600x900 _MG_1416_600x900 _MG_1417_600x900 _MG_1418_600x900 _MG_1419_600x900 _MG_1420_600x900 _MG_1421_600x900 _MG_1422_1200x800 _MG_1424_1200x800 _MG_1425_1200x800 _MG_1426_1200x800 _MG_1428_1200x800 _MG_1429_1200x800


Titan Merchandise had a massive vinyl figure display at Toy Fair 2016.  Here is a list of some of the licenses you’ll find inside:

  • Johnny Bravo
  • Billy and Mandy
  • Dexter’s Laboratory
  • Adventure Time
  • Samurai Jack
  • Mass Effect
  • Hannibal
  • Doctor Who
  • Edward Scissorhands

_MG_1818_1200x800 _MG_1820_1200x800 _MG_1821_1200x800 _MG_1822_1200x800 _MG_1824_1200x800 _MG_1825_1200x800 _MG_1826_1200x800 _MG_1827_1200x800 _MG_1829_1200x800 _MG_1831_1200x800 _MG_1833_1200x800 _MG_1836_1200x800 _MG_1837_1200x800 _MG_1838_1200x800 _MG_1840_1200x800 _MG_1842_1200x800