Toy Biz Pocket Comic – Random Toys

Since we are celebrating Wolverine, all of the Random Toys this month will have be Wolverine related. Starting us off is one of my favorite toys from my childhood, The X-Men Pocket Comic Danger Room playset from Toy Biz!


In 1994 Toy Biz released their line of Pocket Comics. These were small fold out playsets similar to Mighty Max or Polly Pocket. There was a line of X-Men themed Pocket Comics and a Spiderman themed line. Each playset came with two tiny figures, incorporated some action feature and folded down into a small box with a sticker showcasing the cover of an iconic comic. There was also a trading card with this comic cover included that could be stored in the back of the playset.


Here you can see how the Pocket Comic looks completely folded up with the cover of Uncanny X-Men 213 on the front.


Here is almost everything that comes with the Danger Room Pocket Comic. There are supposed to be two red missiles & two grey spring loaded missile launchers that can be attached to the two red arms seen here. One of the things I always liked about the Pocket Comics was that all of the included parts could be stored inside the playset when it was folded up.


Both of the figures are an inch or less tall, but have enough sculpted and painted detail that you know who they are. Each figure has one point of articulation, a swivel waist. Wolverine is seen in his classic yellow and blue outfit which was very popular during the 90’s when this toy came out (however, you’ll notice that the comic cover they used has him in his iconic brown outfit that was popular during the 80’s when that comic was made)

Sabretooth is seen in his classic costume (Just like Wolverine, this is NOT the costume he wore in the comic shown, but is the popular look for Sabretooth in the 90’s)


Here you can see the playset opened up (the straight bar plugs into holes on the base and lid to act as a support bar) The lid also has tabs that line up in grooves on the base, but those don’t always hold well. When fully set up the playset stands around 5 inches tall.


Wolverine and Sabretooth can be attached to the two spin discs in the middle of the playset which rotate when a button on the side is pushed. This button also rotates the Missile launcher arms (Which some people also use to hold the figures in the air.


The back of the Danger Room playset has a fold down ledge that the figures can stand on. There is also artwork beneath the plastic showing the control room of the Danger Room and Professor X.


The X piece is used to join multiple Pocket Comics together side by side. It has grooves on the bottom that hold the edges of the Pocket Comics so you can have a large playset display.


The Danger Room Pocket Comic is a simplistic toy that not everyone will be looking for. For me it’s got a huge nostalgia factor as I had it growing up. There are better figures of Wolverine out there, but this one holds a special place in my own heart.