Top Fifty Transformers of All Time: 40 to 31

Here we go! The next batch of our top 50 Transformers! This one took a bit of time to compile but alas, here it is. A huge thanks goes out to as we could not do this without their help. Read on and look for our third part this coming week! Now onto the list.

#40- Rail Racer (Car Robots/ Robots in Disguise)

I must admit, I want this and it’s on my top 20 must have Transformers. Coming in at #40 is Rail Racer!

Rail Racer combines Railspike as the upper torso and arms, Rapid Run as the mid-torso and backpack, and Midnight Express as the legs of one large robot. He carries Rapid Run’s shield/launcher as well as a large cannon formed from both Railspike and Midnight Express’ weapons. Rail Racer (or rather, JRX) could be assembled by buying the three individual Bullet Trains, though all three members of Team Bullet Train were also available in a complete box set in Japan.
There are significant differences between the Takara and Hasbro versions of Rail Racer. The Takara version has several portions cast in transparent plastic to give him clear windows, requiring extensive paint applications to blend in. The Hasbro version released in 2001 replaced the transparent plastics with opaques to cut back on the number of needed paint applications. There were also several smaller changes made to the individual components.
Source: TFWIKI
reduced-galery_image_3042_6913 141230_RailRacer_Robot_Armed rail-racer-gun rail-racer-posed


#39- Magnaboss (Beast Wars)

Magnaboss is one of two combiners from the early days of Beast Wars. He is made up of three Autobots (Prowl, Sliverbolt & Ironhide) who can also turn into robots or animals of their own (A Lion, Eagle & Elephant) Each of the individual’s weapons could also combine to create the Megaton Battle Sword.

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Magnaboss 01 Magnaboss 02 Magnaboss 03


#38- Mindwipe (Revenge of The Fallen)

Mindwipe isn’t like the other Decepticons. While they focus on attacking your body, he prefers to go for the mind. Using the power of hypnosis, he subverts the programming and wills of his opponents and directs them to perform his dirty work. This makes him very much a hands-off individual. Staying aloft and away from the action below, he allows his near-zombified minions to fight his battles for him. 

image mindwipe-jet1 r_mindwipe-077 r_mindwipe-097

#37- Rumble and Frenzy (United)

Transformers United is the Japanese Takara/Tomy version of the Hasbro series Transformers Generations. With many favorite G1 characters brought back to life, these figures maintain a more chromed paint coloration of the figures, as well as unique Japanese packaging.

4904810397366 Frenzy-Rumble-1_1301046885 R&F (2)Frenzy--Rumble-2_1315152814

#36- Depth Charge (Beast Wars)

Depth Charge is from the Transmetals subset of the Beast Wars toyline. The box mentions he has a 3 mode conversion, He can be a Manta Ray, Space Cruiser/Air Skimmer or a Robot. The Space Cruiser form is very suspect since it’s just the Manta Ray with the wings folded vertically. The other two mode however, are dead on to the cartoon. The robot mode has a great sculpt and a lot of articulation. Depth Charge is loaded down with weapons too! The end of his tail can be used as a sword, he has a Cybershark drone that can shoot two spring loaded missiles and his chest/Manta Mouth is a disc shooter! All of these features along with the character’s story in the cartoon adds up to a very popular toy.

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Depth Charge 01 Depth Charge 02 Depth Charge 03


#35- Megatron (Robots IN Disguise)

I remember having this one and what a Transformer he was. In fact the whole Robots In Disguise was a great time for fans but the complexity of these bots were definitely in the wow factor. There is a good reason why this figure hit #35 and well, read on to find out!

Megatron is the leader of the Predacons with the ability to take on six forms. He claims to have decimated numerous planets during his campaign for Predacon supremacy before coming to Earth in search of the megaweapon Fortress Maximus. He appears to have come into conflict with Optimus Prime and his Autobots numerous times before.

Although Megatron is a great and powerful warrior, he typically leaves the fighting to his Predacon lackeys, such as Sky-Byte, preferring to stalk around his headquarters the Megastar and berate his underlings when they inevitably fail. Upon his conversion to Galvatron, he is a lot more active and effective. His primary attack seems to be his Cutter Beam technique. As Galvatron, he can increase his power by draining the life energy of other beings!

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maxresdefault ridmegatron ridmegatron2

Source: TFWiki

#34- Optimus Prime (War For Cybertron-Generations)

Based on his appearance in War for CybertronGenerations Optimus Prime transforms from a red, blue, and silver robot into an “armored truck mode.” He comes with a hand-held rifle that is held via either of its two 5mm posts, and can fold up to store in either mode. He features additional 5mm ports on his forearms, roof, and front-wheel panels. Optimus has a stylized sculpted Autobot insignia on his back, as seen in the game

20100817020637!Wfc-optimusprime-toy-deluxe r_wfc-optimus-prime-099


#33- Dreadwing (Generation 2)

Dreadwing Is technically a triple changer/combiner. Dreadwing Transforms from robot into Stealth Bomber or a Tank, he has a huge gatling gun that launches 6 missiles when you turn a knob on the back of it, his wings in Bomber mode can drop six more missiles at the press of a button and his partner, Smokescreen has two missile launchers of his own. In Jet mode, Smokescreen can combine with Dreadwing’s Bomber mode to create a super aircraft. The toy is fun (especially the gatling gun aspect) and the mold has been released a few different times through the years, but it’s most notable for the cancelled G2 repaint concept that saw Dreadwing named Megatron and Smokescreen as Starscream.


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Dreadwing G2 01 Dreadwing G2 02


#32- Sandstorm (Generations)

Part of the fourth wave of 2012-2013 Generations Voyager Class toys, Sandstorm is a redeco and heavy retool of Voyager Springer and is a Triple Changer, transforming into a robot, VTOL aircraft, and dune buggy. He comes with a blaster which can fire its missile via pressure-launch, peg via 5mm post onto his hands and back, and mount underneath his aircraft nose.

With the extensive retool has also come a complete rework of the tolerances, making Sandstorm’s panels align better than Generation Springer, especially in his car mode. One notable and curious change involves the little dents inside the side-chest pieces: initially intended to hold the blade of the sword in his car mode, Springer’s ones weren’t able to do the job perfectly because of the asymmetrical shape of the sword, making it unable to fit inside the symmetrical dents. Sandstorm’s side-chest dents, on the other hand have been modified to be asymmetrical, allowing the blade of Springer’s sword to fit in better. This is, nevertheless, a pointless change, as Sandstorm doesn’t come with his own heli-sword and doesn’t have the same kneecaps as Springer that allow the handle of Springer’s sword to be fitted in.

81YJ1KS6YHL._SL1500_ 653569847465 Generationstoy-VoyagerSandstorm Sandstorm Robot 22

#31- Seas Spray (Reveal The Shield)

Seas Spray is a top notch Transformer and I am pleased to have owned one. Now I do need to get him back as he is and always be a must have in any collection. If you are lucky enough to have one then you know why he came in at #31.

91fm5+z1IqL._SL1500_ tf_rotf_voyager_spray_b tf_rotf_voyager_spray_c Voyager-Seaspray_1266124369_1266151542