Top Fifty Transformers of All Time: 30 to 21

Welcome to our third part of our massive Transformers countdown. This time we are looking at #30-21! Hopefully some of these bad boys are on your list and if not, they should be. We have some heavy hitter here as we continue our march to the top Transformer of all time, as voted on by you, the fans.

Also as a reminder we will pick that lucky recipient of the Generations Jetfire once we reveal the number one part. Stay tuned!!


Originally part of the Micro Change subset from the The New Microman line, Soundwave was one of the first Transformers released by Hasbro in 1984. Modeled after a micro cassette recorder, Soundwave had an opening tape deck and came with a cassette/Buzzard Transfromer called Buzzsaw that could fit into the tape deck. Soundwave’s weapons (A shoulder cannon and concussion blaster) can “transform” into AA Batteries and be stored into a “battery compartment”. This makes Soundwave one of the few transformers who could store most of his accessories on him at any time, in any mode (This is a feature that didn’t become more common place until much later in the series)

Soundwave has been a fan favorite since the 80’s and has seen a few different reissues over the years along with the slight mold changes during the first generation of Transformers toys.


G1 Soundwave 01 MIB G1 Soundwave 02 Tape Deck

G1 Soundwave 03 Robot



One of a few molds licensed from a company other than Takara, Omega Supreme was the largest Autobot released in 1985. His transformation is unique from most Transformers toys in that his hands and legs are removed from the body and join together to form a Rocketship and tank track that the main body can roll around on. With a simple electric motor, Omega Supreme can either cruise around in tank mode or walk in robot mode. To be able to build Omega Supreme’s robot mode, you need a total of at least 13 separate parts (Tank/Body, Rocket Halves/Hands, 4 inner leg pieces, 4 outerleg pieces and 2 of the 6 yellow clips)

Omega Supreme is an impressive robot when fully assembled and an Iconic Autobot for anyone who grew up watching the cartoon.

Source: (Image)

Omega Supreme 01 Box Omega Supreme 02 Rocket Base

Omega Supreme 03 Robot




The Leader Class Brawl is the closest of the movie Brawl toys in appearance to his CGI model from the movie. The toy’s tank mode is based on the M1A1 Abrams tank and features “Automorph” gimmicks that allow partial transformations or hidden weapons to pop out with the press of a button. Brawl also has light and sound features tied to the tank turret.

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Leader Class Brawl 01 MIB Leader Class Brawl 03 Robot

Leader Class Brawl 02 Tank




Unicron is the first modern “main line” Transformer to be released at a $50 price point and with good reason! He is the size of a small school yard ball in planet mode and almost 16 inches tall in robot mode. While this first release wasn’t exactly like the Unicron from the animated movie, there is no mistaking who this bot is, he has all of the iconic features you’d expect from Unicron. The toy has minicon ports and hidden compartments to allow him to hold 27 different minicons in planet mode and up to 34 in robot mode. Unicron also comes with his own minicon that transforms into a moon called Dead End. Dead End can be attached to Unicron in planet mode. Unicron’s fingers are all multi jointed allowing for hand posing and he has firing missiles on his legs and one giant one in his chest. Unicron also has a blinking light feature in his eyes. In planet mode, he has a chomping mouth to simulate devouring a planet!

For the first ever released Unicron toy, one couldn’t have asked for a better one. There were a few re-releases with various paint applications including one with a new head and paint job to more closely resemble the Unicron seen in the animated movie.

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Armada Unicron 01 MIB Armada Unicron 02 Planet

Armada Unicron 03 Robot




This Metroplex is in the “Titan class” and for a good reason, he stands a total of 24 inches tall in robot mode making him the tallest Transformer ever made (A full 2 inches taller than Fortress Maximus) Metroplex can transform into a wheeled Aircraft Carrier or a City (much like his vintage counterpart) He also comes with a Legends scale Transformer called Scamper. In robot mode, Metroplex sports a lot of articulation including multi jointed fingers (like Unicron) Metroplex also has a light up feature including 7 voice clips and 5 sound effects from the Fall of Cybertron video game. In a stroke of history repeating itself, it would seem that a vintage GI Joe feature made it’s way into Metroplex. His eyes can move back and forth much like the Eagle Eye vision Adventure Team Joes used in the 70’s. There are also over 100 stickers to put on this behemoth including windows that feature popular Autobots like Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ultra Magnus and Arcee.

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Generations Metroplex 01 Box Generations Metroplex 02 Carrier

Generations Metroplex 03 City Generations Metroplex 04 Robot


Predaking is one of the largest combiners from the G1 era and deserves to be in the top 50. He is formed by the fusion of all 5 Predacons and once assembled; no Autobot would dare go against him alone. Forming Predaking is: Divebomb, Headstrong, Rampage, Tatrum and finally Razorclaw. This set is indeed a fan favorite and can be tough to score a complete G1 version. The one interesting thing about this combiner is Hasbro never released a gift set for him unlike some of the other combiners. Japan finally released box set years ago and most recently we received a special Platinum box set which enabled fans to add him to their collection.

transformers-g1-0351_1191473851 81lkHB9XBEL_SL1500__1372701228 g1predaking0621 reduced-image_3068_106


This is one of my personal top picks for our 50 list. Just wish he would have had more steam as I feel he should have ranked higher. Of course this is my opinion and you guys did make the picks. This one I had as a kid and I loved this toy. I guess it’s all the emergency vehicles turning into a giant robot that got me.

Defensor is formed out of the five individual Protectobots, with Hot Spot serving as the central torso component. This set was available as single units OR as a gift set. It’s easy to obtain the individual Transformers but the vintage box set is definitely a tough score.

$(KGrHqZ,!jIE3R-3mL2(BN1FsP16D!~~_3 Defensor (1) Defensor


While I am not a huge fan of G1 Bruticus I do have a healthy respect for this Transformer. Bruticus is formed from all five of the Combaticon figures (Onslaught, Brawl, Blast Off, Swindle and Vortex) and each was sold separately. Bruticus was not sold as a gift set in the States but Japan and Italy were treated to the box set, which can be pricy. I am not sure why I dislike this G1 Transformer but we all have our individual tastes. On a side note we have seen other incarnations of Bruticus and most recently a 3rd party company is taking a shot at him. All in all he is a grand Transformer but I guess I am more Autobot than Decepticon.

bruticus box reduced-image_3063_106bruticus-front-back_1191930183

Source: TFW2005 (Image)


Based on his appearance in War of Cybertron, Generations Optimus Prime transforms from a red, blue, and silver robot into an “armored truck mode.” He comes with a hand-held rifle that is held via either of its two 5mm posts, and can fold up to store in either mode. He features additional 5mm ports on his forearms, roof, and front-wheel panels. Optimus has a stylized sculpted Autobot insignia on his back

TF-Cyb-Optimus-Prime-Packaging_1273809597 TF-Cyb-Optimus-Prime-Robot_127_1273809597 TF-Cyb-Optimus-Prime-Vehicle_1_1273809597


One of the second largest Transformer to date comes the mighty Primus. This is a big deal since Primus as he is the mighty Transformer creator. As you see he utilizes the same mold that Unicron had with some tweaks of course. Even though I never found this guy I do want him and one day I will. Read on to see what TFWiki says about this giant figure.

Primus is the first toy representation of the Transformers’ creator as their home planet of Cybertron. In planet mode, he is considerably more detailed than Armada Unicron, with visible cities, including Iacon, based upon its appearance in the DK Publishing book, Transformers: The Ultimate Guide, and Kaon, specifically Kolkular, as seen in The War Within. On the “bottom” of the planet mode, there are four hard rubber legs, molded to be shaped like towers, allowing Primus to be displayed in planet mode, yet not require a flat base as Unicron did.

Primus’s transformation is unusual, in many ways similar to a Powermaster, in that he requires the owner to insert his accompanying Omega Lock accessory into several special ports around the planet, then manipulate it to unlock his parts and transform him. When the Omega Lock is inserted into the “top” of his planet mode and pulled back, a transforming sound is heard, and two spring-loaded missile-firing “Stellar Converter Cannons” swing out. When it is inserted into his chest and pushed up, his head is revealed, his shoulder-pads pop-up, his eyes glow red, and a laser-type sound effect is played. The Lock itself lights up red when it is inserted into any of the ports.


Cybertron_Primus_toy DSC06328-1 front