Top Fifty Transformers of All Time: 20 to 11


This Wildrider is an exclusive for the Chara Hobby 2008 show in Japan. It’s a mostly monochromatic redeco of Classics Rodimus that retains all of Rodimus’ features like spring loaded exhaust/gun and flip out buzz saw.

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Henkei Wildrider 01 Henkei Wildrider 03

Henkei Wildrider 02



I love Sideswipe. Let’s get that out of the way first. He’s my favorite Autobot. A red Lamborghini with a sense of humor, what’s not to love? However, his G1 toy left a lot to be desired. So, when Hasbro released an updated version of this Generation 1 original I was happier than a clam in some sort of optimum clam situation.

Though he had to transform into a modified Lamborghini Gallardo due to rights issues it was as close to the G1 as you could get. With an amazing head sculpt, rocket pack, and rocket gun that could be put in his hand or on his shoulder, Hasbro re-engineered one half of the Lamborghini twins for a modern audience.

A redecoed Sunstreaker, Sideswipe still surpassed his brother due to a better paint scheme and a body that didn’t have to be reversed in order to appear similar to his G1 mode.

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Universe Sideswipe 01 Universe Sideswipe 02

Universe Sideswipe 03



Jazz is a Cyber-Ninja who is a member of the Cybertron Elite Guard from the Transformers Animated Cartoon. Jazz is highly poseable and looks much like his cartoon counterpart. His exhaust pipes even transform into “Energy Chucks”! His vehicle mode has racing stripes in an apparent homage to the original G1 Jazz toy.

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Animated Jazz 01 Animated Jazz 02

Animated Jazz 03



Vector Prime is one of the first 13 Transformers created by Primus himself! His alt mode is similar to the Maximal’s ship “Axalon” from the Beast Wars cartoon. The universe version is a recolor of the Vector Prime released in the Cybertron toyline. This version has had all electronics taken out of it and the battery compartment has been riveted shut. Vector Prime comes with the Minicon named Safeguard. This version is the only one with a painted sword blade and was fairly rare at retail due to it being shipped in low quantities.

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Universe Vector Prime 01 Universe Vector Prime 02

Universe Vector Prime 03



One of the latest figures to be released has wound up this high on the list? One released by the reviled Collector’s Club, no less? And is a redeco of a RTS Optimus Prime Figure? A redeco based on a character from the woefully overlook Robots in Disguise Era? My, my you guys are an interesting bunch and we should get together to party sometime.

Yes, the Collector’s Club released this figure in 2013 as a part of their subscription service and pleased quite a few fans and pissed off a few others. The paint scheme is very faithful to original character from Robots in Disguise. One of the main appealing factors to this figure is the recreation of it’s own toy history being that this Scourge is a redeco of the Reveal The Shield Laser Optimus Prime just as the original Scourge was a repaint of the G2 Laser Optimus Prime.

Scourge came with a sword that folded up and could be stored between the legs in truck mode.




















Generation 2 has come into it’s own after all these years, but upon it’s original release in the early 90’s it didn’t make much of an impact. This redeco of the original Optimus Prime, this became the first chance in nearly a decade for kids to get something that was close to the original Prime figure. There were some changes of course. His cab mode was the same but his trailer was recast in all black and emblazoned with his name (so much for in disguise I guess). However, the inside was exactly the same. The original weapons were still included but now Optimus came with two cannons that fired rockets. These cannons could also attach to the front of the trailer when in car mode. The trailer also came with a sound box that could attach to either the front of the trailer or the back of Optimus Primes robot mode. The box had a trip of laser sounds and a voice that said “I Am Optimus Prime”.

Generation 2 came and went and Laser Optimus is a much more sought after figure but for many fans, no collection is complete without this remade Generation 1 Optimus.



g2-optimus-base IMG_3029 LeaderOptimusPrime_1212933108


Based on the overall love for the MP-10 Optimus, I was amazed to see the MP-1 so high up on this list. However, the majority of the comments I got was that without the MP-1 being such a huge success there wouldn’t have been a Masterpiece line. Which is true; if the initial reaction to the first Masterpiece figure hadn’t been an overwhelming positive one, MP-10 would not have existed to begin with.

While, he’s huge compared to later masterpiece figures (especially after the improved upon MP-10) Masterpiece Optimus One was beyond what had been ever thought possible. Featuring his Energon axe, Gun, and Megatron in gun mode (that fit in his hand no less). MP-1 also featured the Matrix of Leadership in his massive chest.















Coming in hot at number 18 is the highly praised Classics Jetfire! This Jetfire is a mash-up of the original toy and cartoon/ comic model. This version also features removable armor and the head can be removed to reveal a cartoon/ comic inspired head. This version still retains the same elements of the Macross design, which made fans really happy. While not a perfect example of Jetfire he was high on fans lists.

Jetfiah jetfire_alt jetfire_box


A target exclusive upon initial release. Skywarp came in a two-pack box set with Ultra Magnus’ white cab. Skywarp is a repaint of Classics Starscream with a slight retooling of the jet intake, a decrease in his shoulder slope, and and a fifth rectangle was added to the vertical area.  There was a QC issue with over-sized armholes that resulted in the rocket launchers fitting loosely.

This was the only release of Skywarp in the Classics/ Universe/ Generations line (at least in his earthbound seeker mode). On the secondary market the Two-pack goes for generally over $100 so if you missed him upon initial release, you are going to pay a hefty price for being tardy to the party.

966131315_c806ec48f1 r_skywarp006 r_skywarp012 r_skywarp041 r_skywarp046

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I’m actually surprised by the Masterpiece choices on this list of ten. When Masterpiece Skywarp came out it was to no fanfare and he wound up being a shelf warmer. I guess people just love the purple seeker. A redeco of the MP-6 Starscream, Skywarp came with either a stoic or sneering face. Skywarp had the same issues that the MP-11 fixed but also came with a swapped pectoral section. It didn’t affect the transformation.

It seems that out of all the MP-6, fans liked the Skywarp version of the masterpiece. Which is ultimately surprising.

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MP-6_Skywarp mp-skywarp-01