Welcome to the final part of our All time top 50 Transformers countdown. This has been a learning experince for all involved and I must say, I learned a few things about these robots. Even though this was a lot of work we all had fun exploring Transformers in a way we have not done before. I know there is some controversy surrounding the top 50 but in the end, it’s incredibly difficult to bring the list to 50. Still, he hope you all enjoyed the list and most important, keep buying Transformers! Also if you participated with the voting process on the site you must read the entire article (or scroll down the bottom) to see who won the Generations Jetfire!

Now onto the list and honor the top bot!


Masterpiece Soundwave is not only THE ultimate figure for Soundwave fans, it’s also the top spot in our Transformers countdown! To the people who have this figure in their collection, it’s no surprise that Masterpiece Soundwave ranked the #1 place. The amount of detail and extras included in this set thrilled many Transformers fans alike, this is basically a set of 6 different Transformers all with their own interactive action features including cartoon screen accurate weapons and accessories!

Masterpiece Soundwave was originally offered at SDCC 2013, but later showed up at Toys R Us stores as one of their exclusives. This figure was so much in demand that TRU employees knew what you were calling about before you got halfway through saying “Masterpiece”


Masterpiece-Soundwave-Action MP-SW-Robot-01




Coming in at number 2 is the mighty Grimlock! This MP Transformers has seen several releases but only 2 releases in the States. Fans wanted this beast and Hasbro delivered the goods. There are no words to describe how awesome this figure is but we will try. He was one of the most requested Transformers to be made in MP form and the delivery was spot on. Hasbro included his famous crown and flame sword but most important, Hasbro gave us a near perfect version of this character. His transformation is easy and spot on while his deco was true to classic form. Grimlock deserves the second spot in this top 50 and I hope you guys were able to score the re-release from Toys R Us. Trust me, he is worth every penny.

IMG_6467_1024x683 IMG_6509_683x1024 IMG_6544_683x1024



In our 3rd spot is the Voyager level Cybertron Defense Scattorshot from the 2005 Cybertron series, Like many other figures from that line he has a Cyber Key that can be used to release hidden missile launchers, he also has a few MiniCon compatable Powerlinx plugs. This mold was reused 3 more times to make Dropshot, Overlord and Botcon exclusive Flak

Cybertron Defense Scattorshot 01Cybertron Defense Scattorshot 02

Cybertron Defense Scattorshot 03




Universe 2.0 Nemesis Prime is a redeco of the Classics Voyager Class Optimus Prime figure. Nemesis Prime has the same basic design as Classics Optimus but in Nemesis Prime colors including metallic colored Decepticon symbols. Nemesis Prime was originally offered at SDCC 2008 then was later sold on Hasbro Toy Shop

Universe 2 Nemesis Prime 01 Universe 2 Nemesis Prime 02

Universe 2 Nemesis Prime 03




Transformers fans love their Nemesis Primes, Number 5 brings us the Optimus Prime Black Version from the Transformers Animated series. This figure is limited to only 300 and was an exclusive for a Transformers Museum event held at the Seibu Department store in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture. This makes it another Transformer item collectors value for rarity over actual design or function.

Animated Optimus Prime Black 01 Animated Optimus Prime Black 02

Animated Optimus Prime Black 03




Everyone loves Cosmos and his Generations release proved just that. To this day I have yet to see one of these guys in the wild but our own Scott did. The overall sculpt is spot on and even though he is a small Transformer, he has proven to be huge with collectors. I do wish Hasbro would release a MP version of Cosmos but in reality, he is perfect the way he is.

Generations-Cosmos-01-MOC Generations-Cosmos-02 Generations-Cosmos-05-Articulation-02


Fans had been asking Hasbro for modernized versions of their favorite Transformers for ages and with the Classics line, we got em. One of the first to receive this treatment was Starscream. This version is faithful to his vintage counterpart and you can see this clearly in robot mode. The classics line kicked off what we now have…..Generations. This piece is still prized by collectors and is a tough find. Even though there are some changes, he is indeed Starscream and he is ready to take over the world.

rm6 starscream_alt starscream_box starscream_robot



The Autobot equivalent of Soundwave, Blaster was one of the larger Transformers released in 1985. Much like Soundwave, Blaster was originally from the Micro Change line in Japan, and like most of the Pre-Transformers bots, Blaster lost a few things in the change over. Originally, there was a single earbud which could plug into the large hole in the middle of Blaster’s rifle, but there was also a Micro Cassette that could be placed into Blaster’s chest. But instead of transforming into something else, the Micro Cassette could turn Blaster into a functioning AM Radio! The electronics for this feature were removed as were the Micro Cassette/AM Tuner and ear bud, however, some early releases of Blaster still have the storage space on the back for a Micro Cassette. The removal of the inner electronics made Blaster able to hold transforming Micro Cassettes in his chest now (The AM Tuner was smaller than the Transforming tapes) and thus new transforming tapes were designed for Blaster (Steeljaw, Ramhorn, Rewind & Eject)

transformers-g1-0113_1191459488 transformers-g1-0114_1191459488collection-blaster-copy

Images: TFW2005; 20th Centurytoycollector


Jazz has a huge fan base within the Transformers community and he rightfully deserves the 9th spot in the top 50. 
Originally a pre-Transformers Diaclone Porsche 935 Turbo, Jazz was part of the original assortment of Autobots released in 1984. He transforms into a Martini Racing Porsche 935/76, specifically the Martini-sponsored 935 which won the first circuit of the 1976 World Championship for Makes, the Mugello Circuit. Like other Autobots who sported similar “sponsor” decals, however, Jazz’s stickers deliberately misspell his sponsor as “Martinii”. In robot mode, he is armed with a silver photon rifle and a shoulder-mounted, spring-loaded rocket launcher that can fire three silver missiles.
Like all his 1984 brethren, Jazz gained a heat-activated rubsign in 1985, added to the right-hand side of his hood. That same year, Jazz was also made available as a mail-away exclusive from Cookie Crisp cereal; this edition of the figure featured modified stickers on its car doors that omitted the “Martinii” words, and entirely lacked the “Martinii Porsche” decals for the windshield and rear spoiler-

reduced-image_4818_106 transformers-g1-jazz-loose-robot xeven01

Images: TFSource; Vintage Action



Universe Cyclonus is the first new-mold toy of the character in over 20 years. This version is a better match for Cyclonus’s maincharacter model whereas the Generaton 1 version was designed from an early alternate model. The transformation scheme is reminiscent of the old toy, with a few new twists to allow for greater articulation and a more satisfying robot mode. As before, the toy transforms into a grey and purple Cybertronian jet-fighter. Most notably, the toy release includes his Targetmaster partnerNightstick, similarly featuring far greater detail and articulation than the original-

cyclonus1_M Deluxe_Cyclonus_with_Nightstick r_cyclonus148




This completes the top 50 countdown for the mighty Transformers brand. We hope you guys enjoyed this and my shopping list has grown more than I care to admit. Now onto the big news….

The winner of the Jetfire is….Travis Webber!!!!

You will have 1 week to comment on this story and to send us your shipping information. After one week we will have to pick another winner.

Orders HAVE been placed with one being allocated as a prize. The hard part is the wait. You cant get this until we get ours but know, he will be coming! A huge thanks goes out to all who wrote in with their list and until next time…….

This also concludes our Transformer Celebration. There were several things we wanted to do but lacked time BUT the good news is we do not need a celebration banner to do these. Honoring our favorite robots can be a year long event and well, look for more cool Transformers articles soon.