Top 10 Toys and Toy Lines of 2016

It is that time of year again as we look at this years top 10 toys and toy lines. This year we will feature a few new categories such as top import and top exclusive. As always, we receive input from our readers and this year is no different. Now onto the list!

10- Transformers Combiner Wars Box Sets (all)

Coming in at #10 is a complete toss-up. We cannot pick just one box set so we are including all of them! Superion, Menasor, Computron, Victorian and Bruticus were very well received by fans and with most sporting G2 colors, these became a hit. While they sporadic retail release, fans were still able to get them with ease. 

09- Black Panther (Marvel Legends)

This figure was nuts. Not only did Black Panther become the surprise hit with fans, collectors went nuts trying to get him. Aftermarket prices shot up towards $100 but Hasbro cranked out production and got that price down. For once demand was met and he was much easier to find. This was an excellent ML figure and a pure joy to play with. 

08- Boba Fett (Hot Toys)

While technically an import, Boba was distributed by Sideshow. He could be found at any comic/ speciality store that had a wholesale account with Sideshow. Now this figure was perfect. Hot Toys have perfected the 12″ figure and this one was sweet. Boba Fett also had a DLX version that included a Sarlacc Diorama piece and this was the ROTJ version. 

07- One 12 Collective Captain America 

Mezco comes in with their very first top 10 with the release of Captain America One 12 Collective. This figure is amazing! In fact we should have a review up this week showing just how cool this figure is. Im looking forward to more offerings from Mezco. 

06- Groove (Hasbro)

Why this figure was not released with the other Protectobots I could not say but Hasbro rectified that situation and got us this figure. Originally he was an exclusive (hence why he was not originally released with the others) and the wait was well worth it. I know fans wanted him and now he is here in greater numbers. Pick him up, you will not be disappointed. 

05- Deadpool (Marvel Legends)

This was the year of the Deadpool and Hasbro got in on that game in a big way. He was part of this past Falls X-Men Marvel Legends wave and HE did not sport a BAF accessory. While he was a tough find, fans managed to get him at a decent price. This version of Mr. Pool was fantastic and the accessories were awesome. 

04- Transformers Fort Max

Fort Max comes in at number 4 and this one was tough. It seems interest in the big guy was a tad lower than the other big releases but he still sold well. Coming in at one of the largest Transformers to date, Fort Max earned that title. I have not opened mine just yet but I have seen this beast up close. There is a reason he comes in at number 4! Such an awesome Transformer and my gosh, I hope Hasbro can continue this trend with these extra-large bots. I know a few more I would like to get before it ends. 

03- Star Wars Black Asoka 

Ahsoka Tano was, and still is a hot figure. She was impossible to find at the initial release but became easier over time. This figure is incredible. It brings out the best in the SW Black line and it shows Hasbro can produce excellent 6″ Star Wars figures. The love for this figure from the fan base is deep and Hasbro gave us something really we all wanted. She is perfect to say the least. 


02- Star Wars Black AT-AT Driver

Coming in at number 2 is the SW Black AT-AT Driver. Once again Hasbro struck gold with a OTC figure. This figure is bad ass and I cannot see how Hasbro could improve on him. Good job Hasbro, we really needed this figure. 


01- Star Wars Black Princess Leia

Yeah, you all knew Leia would make it into the list. Does this figure deserve the top spot? Yes and no. While this is not the perfect Leia, she does come close and with the recent release of Rogue One, it’s fitting. I know some might not like this or they might think all of this is a hack but trust me, she deserves it. 

Top Toy Lines of 2016

10- One 12 Collective (Mezco)

This line saw some movement thanks to several exclusives and the release of Captain America. This line should explode this year as Mezco has several on tap for release. Look for some amazing releases from these guys soon!

09- Star Wars Black (Hasbro)

The line as a whole took a dip in sales but that can be summed up with supply catching up with demand. The line as a whole is still very strong but the line needs more OT releases. Thankfully we just got some with the most recent release. Leia, Snowtrooper, AT-AT Driver and Old Ben round out OT figures for this wave and year. The line is still strong and look for even more releases this year with EP8 on the horizon.  

08- Batman The Animated Series

DC Collectibles continues to impress fans with this line. Sales have been strong and these guys are not playing games with character selection. Each figure is an improvement over the previous and I know many who can’t get enough of them. I’m behind with the releases but my goal is to catch up sometime this year. 

07- Minimates (Diamond Select Toys)

Minimates are still solid sellers. I know we moved several assortments this year with Marvel and Aliens being the most popular. If you guys want a cool toy that’s inexpensive then pick up a set. I promise this, you will be hooked on them 

06- Selects from DST

Select figures have come a long way and this year’s releases show just that. The Selects include Marvel, Ghostbusters, Clerks and more. I’m really fond of the Marvel releases and the Civil War figures top out on both my list and my readers list. I also like the fact that DST will reach into the vault and bring some older figures back out. I know that this years Guardians figures will be top-notch.  

05- POPS (Funko)

What can we say about POPS? Some dis them for not being a toy but we love them and so do the fans. Lets face it, Funko POPS are not for everyone but they have something for all fans. Just pick a property and chances are they either did them, are doing them or will be on tap soon. 

04- Marvel Legends (Hasbro)

This line was a mover this year thanks to Civil War and X-Men. Fans could not get enough of these figures but the line is plagued by distribution issues at retail. I do some changes coming and some went in effect this past year. Walgreens have become a solid outlet for new releases and Walmart started getting in shipper displays. Good times are coming and Hasbro will continue to deliver the characters we all want.   

03- Lego

Now the top 3 lines could be considered a tie. Not only do we gather fan input we look at retail shelves. While Star Wars clogged up the shelves, Lego was a shaker and mover this Christmas. The line as a whole is a solid winner and each year has the same results; sell outs and empty shelves! People love Legos and so do we! This coming year we will have some amazing sets coming and some have already hit. The new Lego Batman movie has produced some killer sets and more will be revealed soon enough. Also lets not forget about Marvel and Star Wars. We will go broke this year due to these and more. 

02- Transformers (Hasbro)

Transformers did well again this year and we saw many sell outs this December. While the box sets and Fort Max did not hit many shelves, the basic figures and RID made many fans happy. We have no complaints on the line and having an exclusively at Walgreens was excellent. Titans Return was a hit with fans and retail but distribution was poor. Still, if you got any of the box sets or individual figures then you know how cool the line was/ is. Just take note, the box sets were Combiners War while Fort Max and the rest were under the Titan banner. This year we have another biggie coming and I cannot wait. I just need to make room for him. 

01- TMNT (Playmates)

Once again this line was solid. Each release was welcomed with open arms and wallets from both collectors and kids (I should say parents). Of all the toy lines this year, TMNT performed extraordinarily well. We saw massive empty shelves leading up to Christmas and it looked consistent from store to store. This line has what collectors want; solid character selection, articulated figures and plenty of vehicles and playsets. This is what made Star Wars such a strong seller in the years past. Congrats to the gang at Playmates and we look forward to another stellar year!

New Categories for 2016: These will be done a little different. We will only showcase the top 4 with number one coming in at the top post. The same will go for the exclusives as well.

Top Toy lines of 2016 (Imports)

01- Hot Toys

While they are expensive, these figures are the cream of the crop for the 12″ market. Star Wars, DC, Marvel and more comprise this years catalogue. While the line is imported and sold with their retail partner (Sideshow), they still have some interesting pieces that are exclusive to the Asian market. 


02- Dragon Ball (Figuarts)

Each release is better than the one before and my gosh, the character selection is getting strong! Plus you mix in new articulation and this line went super nova. In fact, Figuarts as a whole has done well but getting them in the US is a challenge. This coming year we have even more DBZ releases so stay tuned!


03- Transformers (Takara)

MP Transformers are a thing and Takara knows this very well. Completing the Cone heads (well almost, the last one comes out in a few months) and adding Inferno and more made this line hot. The only miss would be Shockwave as fans were disappointed in this release. We had so many releases this year that getting them all became a challenge. I just wish Hasbro would release more in the States. Getting them is not hard though but you have to order online unless your store has a secret contact in Japan. 


04- Diabattles

I’ll be honest with you, I do not know much about these but we had a good amount of readers swear by them. This is what I found online about the line! This just goes to show you that we do listen to our readers and you guys do help pick the lines! Now onto the info:

“Diaclone Dia-Battles V2 is a fresh breath of old air. This figure captures everything that was great about the original Diaclone toys, but in a seriously updated Masterpiece level package. What we now refer to as “parts forming” had it’s origins back in the Microman line. Modular vehicles that could be combined to form bigger ones, or even robots to some extent. They stepped it up a notch with the Diaclone line. By re-adjusting the scale to be smaller they could take that same modularity, but focus more on the detail of the combined forms.
This new Dia-Battles does that to a T, but with all the bells, whistles, grace, and style, We’ve come to expect in the modern engineering, sculpting, and articulation from our contemporary robot toys. Dia-Battles V2 is the ultimate parts former, and the bar has been raised.”- 

Top Exclusives of 2016

01- Virtual Hacks 

If you got any of the exclusive Hacks this year then you know why this took the top spot. These figures are so well done and I do love the work that Boss Fight puts into the line. While this is not my cup of tea, this line as a whole is beyond impressive. I’m looking forward to their other upcoming lines with an open wallet. 


02- Fort Max (SDCC)

I loved the color scheme on this release. Plus having that sword was a must! Hasbro does well with their Transformer exclusives and this year was no different. If you go to SDCC make sure to hit up Hasbro Toy Shop as they will always have something awesome. The price was what we expected and the packaging was sweet. I love seeing the bot in full mode so that too makes this release a must have. 


03- GIJOE Collectors Club Sky Patrol Gift Set

This one is only for the hardcore Joe fans and the only way to get it is to register for the con. I know you can get them on the secondary market but getting them at the con is even better and cheaper! If you love Sky Patrol like we do then this was must have. While the figure builds sometimes misfires, I can honestly say this year’s set was incredible. Also this is really the only way we can get modern updates to figures we would not get. 


04- Star Wars Black Obi-Wan Kenobi 

This guy was a pain in the neck. Seriously, I wish HASBRO would make more! I missed this but thanks to a friend, I was able to get one after the fact. I love the light up display and having Kenobi was non negotiable. This set was perfect. While we do have a general release for this figure, we will not get him with this accessory. 


05- Star Wars Black EE 4-Pack

I love troops and you must admit, Entertainment Earth did well with this release. I love the bookshelf format but I really do love me some EP3 Clone Troopers. I did not expect Hasbro would release these to regular retail as single pack figures but I wish they would. Armies do not build themselves overnight! Still, this is an excellent exclusive and one that all Star Wars fans need in their collections. 

Finally we have something else here. Out of all the toy lines and toys we looked at, we do want to showcase a line that will have a huge impact on the market in the coming year. That line will be……

One 12 Collective (Mezco)

Mezco as a whole is an excellent company to work with. We love their products and our other division sells them quite well. The One 12 line is nothing to sneeze at and trust me, this line will make waves this year. We have so many figures to look forward too and just wait until Deadpool is released. That figure will send fans over the edge. Plus we have Spider-Man coming along with Green Arrow and so much more! While we wanted some of these last year, we will gladly take them this year. Keep an eye on Mezco and look for a few major reveals this coming Toy Fair. This line will only get bigger folks. Also if anyone can pull of GI Joe 6″ figures it will be Mezco. They have the resources so anything is possible and we know Hasbro is not interested in making them. Keep your fingers crossed folks and if it happens, remember you heard about it here first!

Congrats to all the winners this year and we know 2o17 will be even better! Let us know what you think and if you do not like this list LET US KNOW!! Remember we take what you say to heart and next year be active with the selections and maybe your fav will make the top 10.