Todd McFarlane Teases New Walking Dead Building Sets

The word or I should say sells have come in from Toys R Us concerning McFarlane Toys new Walking Dead building Block sets and……Score!! Sales were good! In response Todd McFarlane has posted some new images of an upcoming Walking Dead building set and it looks awesome!

I guess you can say this was a test for the sets and sales showed that fans of all ages liked what McFarlane has done. These truly are something quite different and I enjoyed all of them so far. Here is what McFarlane had to say:

Two weeks ago we had our best week of sale yet (beating even the ‘Black Friday’ sales week). Then the numbers came in from last week and they were DOUBLE our best sales week so far (and some of those earlier weeks were very strong!) So, again, thank you.

That means we will continue making these sets for you as we try and get as creative as we can (with both the builds and the figures). Below are a few photos of a Prototype we’ve made of the Boiler Room from inside the Prison Block. I just wanted to share with you the cool detail that will be on this build, and the scale of it. Ignore the figure standing in it as it will be a Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead) human figure and another Walker figure. I just put it in there so you could see how big the set will be. My hand might help too!

We’ll have this set coming out in the back half of 2015, and it should be selling for about $19. I’ll post some more of our upcoming sets/figures in the future.

So there you have it, We are getting a Boiler Room set confirmed and this is just one of many more sets to come.

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