TMNT Squirrelanoid Review

While waiting to see the news from Toyfair about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, let’s take a look at one of the newest figures, Squirrelanoid!


TMNT Squirrelanoid MOC

Squirrelanoid comes in your basic packaging with the new season 2 sticker on the bubble.


TMNT Squirrelanoid 01

The figure is dark red with a lighter red dry brushing for texture and light blue details for the glowing areas seen in the cartoon. Squirrelanoid looks just like he does on the cartoon with really the only exception being that only his teeth are painted light blue instead his entire mouth like in the cartoon.

TMNT Squirrelanoid 02

A close up of the head shows the amount of detail throughout this sculpture. Also, if you look at the spike hanging down near the back of the head, you’ll see it’s actually a slider. Slide it towards the neck and you activate…..

TMNT Squirrelanoid 03

…The moving tongue!



TMNT Squirrelanoid 04

Squirrelanoid has some nice articulation with Ball Jointed Hips and Ankles. The Shoulders are your basic Hinge/Swivel Joint and the Neck, Wrists and Tail all have Swivel Joints. Like most Alien-ish figures, I wish the head could swivel to look up and it’d be nice if there were Knee or Elbow Joints.


TMNT Squirrelanoid 06

As you can see from this comparison picture, Squirrelanoid is based on the HR Giger “Aliens” (The cartoon had many elements/homages to the Alien movies also)


TMNT Squirrelanoid 05

Squirrelanoid works well with the other basic figures and playsets, but again, I wish there was more articulation for this particular figure. All that said, this is a fun figure with a nifty homage to a pop culture horror icon. Since this is one of the newest figures hitting the shelves, it might be kinda hard to find right now, but like all the other basic figures out there, I’m sure we’ll see plenty of them on the shelves for everyone.


TMNT Squirrelanoid Title