TMNT Shell Flyer Vehicle Review

It’s been on the packaging since January with no sign in sight of ever showing up til now! We’re talking about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle vehicle, the Shell Flyer! This vehicle just started showing up in stores the past couple of weeks, was it worth the wait? Read on!


TMNT Shell Flyer 01

The Shell Flyer is one of the smaller, boxed vehicles like the Sewer Cruiser and the Grass Kicker.


TMNT Shell Flyer 02

Inside the box, we have a disassembled Shell Flyer secured in a bubble tray.


TMNT Shell Flyer 03

Once fully assembled, you can see the Shell Flyer is an ultralight style aircraft that has a slight appearance of being made up of salvaged junk the Turtles found. (I believe the Sewer Cruiser achieved the “made out of junk” look better than the Shell Flyer but there’s still a few random parts seen on this vehicle)


TMNT Shell Flyer 04

The seat can be slid back and forth to accommodate whichever Turtle you have operating it.


TMNT Shell Flyer 05

Mikey seems to fit the best on the Shell Flyer, though taller figures like Donnie will fit (just not as well)

TMNT Shell Flyer 06


TMNT Shell Flyer 07

There’s a green button on the back of the Shell Flyer that operates the oil drum grabber claws. When the button is pressed in, the claws close around an unsuspecting foe.


The Shell Flyer is now the second small vehicle I’ve bought from this line. I like that it’s an aircraft vehicle and it looks like something the Turtles would probably have. Unfortunately the Shell Flyer doesn’t really showcase my favorite aspect of TMNT vehicles, looking like they’re made out of stuff found in the sewer. The Sewer Cruiser design had this aspect in spades, while the Shell Flyer looks more like an ultralight aircraft that has been slightly modified. This may not be as much of a problem for other fans as it is for me (everyone has different tastes and collects for different reasons) but for me, the Shell Flyer fell a little short of what I was wanting. It’s still a decent vehicle, just missing a little of that TMNT magic.

TMNT Shell Flyer 08 Title