TMNT Mutagen Man Review

It’s Sunday, that means a new Ninja Turtle episode on the air and a new review on the site! Today we’re looking at Mutagen Man.

TMNT Mutagen Man MOC


TMNT Mutagen Man 01

Mutagen Man looks just like he does on the show. with his yellow Ooze limbs and main Kraang canister body.

TMNT Mutagen Man 03

The articulation is better than the vintage figure, but not the best of this new line. The shoulders and hips are swivel/hinge joints and both wrists can swivel.

TMNT Mutagen Man 02

It seems many of the Mutagen Men out there have no pupils painted on their eyes, but there a few that do have pupils. The general belief is that the pupil-less eyes are an early release and later releases will be corrected. We’ll have to wait and see what really happens but thankfully, it’s pretty easy to add two black dots to the eyes….

TMNT Mutagen Man 04

…especially since the organs come out of the toy. They’re attached to the lid on top that can be removed by turning the knob a half turn and pulling the whole assembly out.

TMNT Mutagen Man 05

You can see the slots for the lid’s tabs are two different sizes so the guts can only go in one way and will always be centered. It’s nice seeing that they made the hole so large as it makes it very easy to add mutagen inside of Mutagen Man, much easier than the original toy which had a hole about the size of a straw.

TMNT Mutagen Man 06

I’ve added some generic Ooze to show off this feature. There is another, added Ooze feature to this toy…

TMNT Mutagen Man 07

…Ooze Hand! The hand can be pulled off of the wrist and you put Ooze inside of it then when you put the hand back on, the wrist stump pushes the Ooze out of four pores on the palm of the hand. It’s a fun play feature, but it’s not entirely engineered well. By the time you’ve got the hand fully back on, most of the Ooze has been shot out of the hand. This feature really needs a plunger built into the arm so you can load up the hand with Ooze, put it back on, then make the Ooze come out of the pores, not while you’re putting the hand back on.

TMNT Mutagen Man 08

This Mutagen Man is more streamlined than the original which looks like it was cobbled together with spare parts.

TMNT Mutagen Man 09

Mutagen Man is a nice update on an old figure. The play features are easier to work with and have an added bonus with the hand pores. If you like toys that can interact with the Ooze, this one is for you.

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