TMNT Mousers Review

There’s a 7 pack of Mousers chomping it’s way through retail stores right now. Should you be hunting them or running for the hills?

Mousers Package


All 7 Mousers come on a blister card similar to the single figures, which also means they have the same price point (around the $8-$10 mark) Which makes each individual Mouser less than $1.50 Feels like a good deal so far, let’s open the package and see how they stand up.


Mousers Group

As you can see there are 2 Black Mousers, 2 Dark Grey ones and 3 Light Grey/Silvery ones. Each Mouser has 4 points of articulation. Swivel Hips, Hinged Mouth and a Ball Jointed Neck. The neck really allows you to add character to the Mousers by posing them. The legs are alright, but it is hard to put them in any form of a “walking” pose. I’m not sure how one would make that any better short of adding massive amounts of articulation which would make the legs bulkier and distract from their appearance.

Speaking of appearances, there is an odd variation between these. It seems the black Mousers got an extra paint app of red detail lines inside their mouth. I’m not sure why they have this, maybe the designers felt the darker plastic didn’t show off the mold lines well enough inside the mouth.

Mousers Mouth


These Mousers are much smaller than the original “Wacky Action” Mouser we got in 1989, but the basic shape and design is still there. The New Mousers stand  about 1 1/2″ tall.

Mousers Compare


As for their smaller stature, I think this works well with the Turtles figures as they were always fairly tiny on the cartoons. The added bonus of getting 7 of the little buggers in each pack means you can have a swarm of them attack your turtles in no time


Mousers Turtles


The generic nature of these Mousers also allows them to fit in well with your vintage Ninja Turtle figures


Mousers VTurtles


Overall, these tiny terrors are a great army builder set that are fun on their own or when put into a diorama display


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