TMNT LARP Figures: Mikey The Elf

There are four new versions of the Nickelodeon TMNT figures out now. These are based on the episode “Mazes & Mutants” when the turtles played a Live Action Role Play game. We’re continuing our look at these figures with Mikey the Elven Thief!


LARP Mikey 01 MOC

LARP Mikey 02

Mikey is dressed as an Elf complete with Elf ears and a feather in his paper cap! The Quiver is glued to his back and unlike a lot of other toy quivers there is no hole for an arrow to go into, just a bunch of sculpted arrow ends poking out.


LARP Mikey 03 Head

Mikey’s Paper Hat and Elf ears are a singular rubber piece that can be removed


LARP Mikey 04 Weapon

Mikey also comes with a Bow. A lot of figures that come with bows in the past (from multiple different toylines) have also included a singular loose arrow. I’m happy that Mikey doesn’t have this since most of the time, the arrow is just a small piece I’d have to worry about losing.


LARP Mikey 05 Action

Like Leo & Raph, Mikey has a great amount of articulation. His body sculpt hinders his shoulders and hips a little, but not too badly. I really wish the shoulders were cast in orange plastic rather than painted orange as I’m already getting a little bit of paint wear (The body seam was a little off and created a sharp edge that wore on the arm)


LARP Mikey 06 No Ring

Painted shoulders aside, Mikey is the most fun looking figure of the bunch and there’s little to complain about save for one glaring omission…….Where’s his +1 Ring of Awesome!?! It appears that the Turtles all share the same hand sculpts so I can understand not having a sculpted ring, but the fingers are separate so you could conceivably make a tiny ring that could slip on his finger…….


TMNT Ring of Awesome

Aw Yeah, +1 Ring of Awesome!


LARP Mikey 07

But like I said, this is a fun figure and Mikey balances out the whole LARP Turtle group. I have to say, I’m not a fan of the various outfitted Turtles we’ve gotten since the vintage line. I prefer to collect a basic set of 4 Turtles and then all the other Mutants, Allies & Villains. However, I love this LARP set! It just hits all of the right buttons for me, It’s screen accurate to a specific episode and it’s costumes of a subject matter I like (Live Action Role Playing) add in the fact that the costumes are sculpted to look like the Turtles made them out of junk instead of having their own professional tailor and you have a winning combination for a cool subset group of the Turtles. Now all we need is a Sir Malachi and some Monkey Goblin figures to finish out the group.


LARP Mikey 08


LARP Mikey 09 Title