TMNT LARP Figures: Leo The Knight

There are four new versions of the Nickelodeon TMNT figures out now. These are based on the episode “Mazes & Mutants” when the turtles played a Live Action Role Play game. We’re continuing our look at these figures with Leo the Knight.



LARP Leo 02 Costume

Leo is wearing his Knight costume composed of a Pizza Sauce Can Helmet, Stop Sign Shoulder pads, Towel Cape and more Can Armor. The outfit is more cartoon accurate than the original prototype pictures were due to the stop signs being painted blue now. (The prototype had them painted red as a Stop Sign) The sculpt still has the word “Stop” in raised letters. Even though that’s not seen in the episode at all, it’s a nice detail that adds some texture to the sculpt.


LARP Leo 03

Both the Helmet and Cape/Shoulder Pads piece can be removed giving you an almost normal looking Leo figure (Save for the belt and gauntlets)


LARP Leo 04 Weapons

Leo comes with a Sword and Trash Can Lid Shield


LARP Leo 05 Action

Leo has a nice range of articulation including Ball Neck, Swivel/Hinge Shoulder, Elbows, Hips & Knees. On top of all that he also has Swivel Wrists. The Belt restricts the arms slightly as he can’t put his arms straight down, but since the Shoulder Pads are soft rubber, he can raise his arms straight up.


LARP Leo 07 Shield Compare

The only flaw I have with Leo the Knight is that his Shield is a little too small. Compared to Trash Can Lid Shields from the vintage line it looks more like a large pot lid.


LARP Leo 06 Action

Leo is fun and has a great, show accurate look. Add in the articulation and you have a great figure.


LARP Leo 08 Action


LARP Leo 09


LARP Leo 10 Title