TMNT LARP Figures: Donnie The Wizard

There are four new versions of the Nickelodeon TMNT figures out now. These are based on the episode “Mazes & Mutants” when the turtles played a Live Action Role Play game. Today we’re looking at Donnie the Wizard!




LARP Don 02

Here you can see Donnie is wearing a purple wizard cloak with pointed hat and fake beard. The cloak is hard plastic and makes up the main body.


LARP Don 03 Head

The wizard hat and fake beard are made from one piece of soft rubber and can be removed to reveal a show accurate Donatello head underneath.


LARP Don 04 Staff

Donnie comes with a wizard staff crafted from an ornament taped to the end of his Bo Staff.


LARP Don 05 Articulation

The figure has a very show accurate sculpt, but unfortunately the articulation is hindered by that sculpt. Donnie’s head has a ball joint and works well even with the hat on, but his arms only have swivel/hinge shoulders and a swivel wrist. The cloak sculpt doesn’t allow for too much arm movement. The legs have a good amount of articulation with swivel/hinge hips and knees, but again the cloak hinders the movement. So for the most part Donnie can just stand there with his staff. Thankfully he’s a wizard so that’s mostly all they do anyway.


LARP Don 07 Group

Donnie looks great as the wizard and meshes well with the other LARP Turtles, but I wish he had more usable articulation. Out of the four Turtles, Donnie is the low point but I still like him and would have probably gotten him even if I wasn’t assembling the whole team.


LARP Don 06 Title 02