TMNT Casey Jones Figure Review

In a rare case of schedule coordination, we have new Ninja Turtles toys on the shelves and Shows on the TV! So Let’s start off with the star of today’s episode, Casey Jones!

TMNT Casey Jones MOC

The packaging has stayed basically the same, there’s just a few changes like a Season 2 sticker and the inclusion of all the new figures on the back. Rahzar is shown on the back but I don’t believe he’s been released to stores just yet.


TMNT Casey Jones 01

Casey is one of the most articulated figures I’ve seen in this line. He’s got a swivel Neck, swivel/hinge Shoulders, Hips and Knees, hinged Elbows & swivel Wrists. The figure is his fully geared up vigilante look we finally saw in today’s episode.


TMNT Casey Jones 03

Casey comes with a removable mask that fits nicely on his head with the use of two pegs. It’s not too hard to take off and it doesn’t fall off by itself either.

TMNT Casey Jones 02

Underneath the mask is Casey’s painted up visage. I really wish they had painted his face to look normal and not in a skull fashion just like the mask we took off of him, but this look is more show accurate.


TMNT Casey Jones 04

Casey comes with a Bat and Hockey Stick. Both can be stored on his back.

TMNT Casey Jones 05TMNT Casey Jones 06


TMNT Casey Jones 07

One of the odd design choices with the Casey Jones figure is the sculpted rollerblades on the bottom of his feet. As you can see from the pictures above, Casey can still be posed well enough, but you’re not going to get any one footed poses out of this figure.


TMNT Casey Jones 08

While the new Casey may not be a colorful as the vintage one, he does have way more articulation.


TMNT Casey Jones Title

Casey Jones’ overall look is ok. I wish it had a little more in the color palate but at least it’s pretty screen accurate to the new cartoon. While the rollerblades are a sculptural hindrance, you can still get natural poses out of the figure. I think overall, it’s a good figure, I just feel it could have been slightly better.