TMNT Babble Heads- Mikey & Leo Review!

Playmate Toys is always looking to bring new products to the market and we have something awesome for you guys. Besides the basic figures and vehicles, Playmates are working to reinvent play time for children and collectors alike. Let me introduce you to two amazing Turtles from Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Babble Heads line; Loudmouth Leo and Motormouth Mikey! Read on to see what we think of this new line. 

I must say that I had my hesitations with this release. They don’t fit into what I collect but my curiosity was intrigued when offered the opportunity to review them. Once I got them in-hand, it was a complete 360. These little guys are down right awesome on so many levels and I will explain. 

When I first got them I left everything in demo mode due to my show schedule. It made me chuckle every time one would say get me out of here or out of the box.* Once I broke them out then the fun really began. These guys are hilarious and with all the phrases and SFX (50+) one will have a laugh guaranteed. The Babble Heads were made to be played with so you must get these out of the boxes and let them loose! It’s that simple and once you do,  play!!

The one thing I love is the interaction. If you bop them on the head you will get one of many phrases. I dig the smack talk they unleash once you bop them. This is actually my favorite part and I find myself hitting my turtles on the head more than I should. I also chuckle at the “burps” and “farts” as these turtles have a little potty humor. In the video below I believe we captured one of these actions and with a 10 year old mentality, I laughed. You can also high five them and pop them on the chest for more phrases and or SFX sounds. The weapon interaction is awesome as well. They know when they have their signature weapon in hand and they do want to fight! 

While they dont have much articulation (which is not needed), they do have features unseen before in a Turtle figure. The heads will move side to side while talking and the eyes will open and close as well. Plus the mouth moves while they talk! These features are what makes the Babble Heads so much fun and is the reason why you should play with them and not sit them on a shelf in a box. 

I can’t really say anything bad about Mikey or Leo folks and you will find yourself messing with these two for quite a while. Kids will adore these guys and most importantly play with them. I can see the Babbles selling like hotcakes during the holiday season so if you want one you need to grab it fast. My only wish is for Playmates to release more! I need to finish the set and of course they need a villain of 3 to fight. 


  • babble heads are your interactive, talking, moving, training and battling turtle Buddies!
  • Head moves, eyes open and close and mouth moves as he talks!
  • Sensors in their head, chest, Arm and hand activate movement and sound
  • They recognize if they are holding their weapons!
  • They love telling jokes, one-liners, laughing, belching, farting and giving cowabunga high Fives!

*- Just a note, the phrase could have been a little different while in demo mode

The video below is just an example of what they say, how they move and what its like to have one. We do thank Playmates for the opportunity to review these twirps, we love them!!