The GI Joe Club has revealed the next figure in the 15 figure Joecon Box Set. Up next is Dial-Tone, a much loved character for many fans. Besides his Tiger Force Deco, he will include G.I. Joe Logo Stand, 9mm Parabellum Submachine gun,Computer case with Submachine gun, & Communications backpack with positional microphone arm. 

The Club has stated that these are mock ups and final product could differ. Right now the fandom is not liking this figure. The part choices are odd and that contraption on his shoulder must go. Hopefully the Club will address these issues before Con. The Club also stated that we WILL NOT see any actual product until showtime so that in itself is a little weird. I am pulling for the Club and I do hope this set turns out well. Right now it’s 1 to 1 (one good, one bad). Lets hope the remainder are hits.

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