ThreeZero Walking Dead Pet Zombies! New Images & Info!

ThreeZero presents The Walking Dead Pet Zombies!  As a fan of The Walking Dead I think these are must haves for all collectors. Check out the new images below.

The figures will stand about 12″ tall and will include over 20 points of articulation. Some features of the figures:

• Over 20 points of articulation, including head, shoulders and waist
• Simulated soft skin body covering that hides articulation points
• Detailed clothing with removable backpacks
• Real metal chain
• Removable metal belts and chains

No details on release date or price at this time.

ThreeZero-Walking-Dead-Pet-Zombies-1 ThreeZero-Walking-Dead-Pet-Zombies-2 ThreeZero-Walking-Dead-Pet-Zombies-3 ThreeZero-Walking-Dead-Pet-Zombies-4