This Weeks Cosplay Hits!

Cosplay is more than dressing up and playing super hero; cosplay is an art form. People really need to take this portion of our hobby seriously and I admire the fans who put on the cape and cowls. Listed below are some kick ass cosplayers doing what they do best. Enjoy!!

Magik, cosplayed by Carlye Starr

Misfit, cosplayed by arkhamboundz, photographed by Lift-Off Photography

The Monarch & Dr. Girlfriend, cosplayed by xHee-Heex & solo-dono, photographed by LJinto

Rule 63 Mister Miracle, cosplayed by ducksrunamok

Mystique, cosplayed by Rei-Doll, photographed by Kifir

misfit1-420x630 monarch-420x630 mrmiracle2-472x630 mystique-420x630 starrbird_magik2-630x417