The Walking Dead TV Series 8

Entertainment Earth has opened pre-orders for the 8th Walking Dead TV series and it’s shaping up to be a big one. Fans can finally breath a sigh of relief as we are getting a Dale finally. Also look for fan favorite Morgan to finally join the crew. Here is the full breakdown of series 8 including the rumored Walgreens exclusives.

  • Morgan Jones
  • Dale Horvath
  • Bob Stookey
  • Rick Grimes
  • Eugene Porter
  • Tyreese**Unconfirmed Walgreens Exclusive
  • Carol Peletier**Unconfirmed Walgreens Exclusive

Each figure features each highly articulated human figure features the likeness of the actor and come with multiple accessories. Each figure stands about 5-inches tall, features 22 points of articulation, and comes in a blister card packaging.

A true survivor, Morgan Jones has battled the apocalypse almost entirely on his own. After losing his family to the outbreak and almost losing himself in the process, Morgan has sought redemption by slaying the endless Walkers on his quest to find Rick Grimes. This version of Morgan depicts the survivalist in his battle ready armor and equipped with his favorite Walker dispatching weapons. The Morgan Jones action figure comes with approximately 22 points of articulation, assault rifle, alternate masked head, removable hood, walking stick, and backpack.
Dale Horvath has served as a calming force among the original group of Atlanta survivors. While often seen standing watch quietly atop his RV, Dale was never afraid to serve as “the moral compass” and speak up for what he felt was best for the group. This Dale Horvath action figure immortalizes the survivor community elder with his trusty lawn chair and binoculars…forever keeping lookout for his friends. His figure also includes approximately 22 points of articulation, folding lawn chair, binoculars, removable bucket hat and rifle.
Bob Stookey’s talents as a former army medic and experience with firearms served as a real asset when he joined the group of survivors in season 4. Having been the lone survivor in previous survivor groups, the charismatic Bob was often troubled by guilt and his need for alcohol. During the conflict at Terminus, Bob endlessly attempted to be the voice of reason…even after his leg was cannibalized. The Bob Stookey action figure includes approximately 22 points of articulation, 2 machetes, removable vest, removable leg, amputated leg and BBQ leg.

A former Sheriff Deputy, Rick Grimes has always been a leader amongst the group of Atlanta survivors. Initially after resisting his destined role, Rick has finally accepted his place of leadership. Rick is ready to do whatever it takes to keep his family and friends alive in this less than moral world. This version of Rick depicts him after the attack on Terminus and includes approximately 22 points of articulation, assault rifle, pistol, and machete with red handle.
Introduced as a scientist working on a top secret genome project,

Eugene Porter convinces a group of survivors led by Abraham to escort him to Washington, DC. Sporting his “Tennessee top hat,” Eugene’s intellect and bluntness proves to be both helpful and disastrous along the way. The Eugene figure is shown in Glenn’s full riot gear armor worn during their detour to Terminus. The Eugene Porter action figure also includes approximately 22 points of articulation, assault rifle, backpack and prop helmet.

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