The Walking Dead Pet Zombies Price, Pre-Order Date and New Images!

The Walking Dead – Michonne’s Pet Zombies 1/6 Scale Figures. Threezero has released a few more photos , pricing and a release date for these highly anticipated figures!  The figures will be available separately for $130 each or together at $240. They go on pre-order starting December 13th. They also revealed some other characters which includes:

• Daryl Dixon
• Well Zombie
• Rick Grimes
• Michonne

Read on for all the details and check out the full gallery as well.

We are TREMENDOUSLY excited to announce pre-order dates and pricing of AMC’s The Walking Dead Pet Zombies!

This license is very important for us and we want for these amazing characters to step out from the screen onto your displays and to your homes!

AMC’s The Walking Dead Pet Zombies will be available for pre-order at at December 13th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time.

And no worries on Hong Kong time, as we will make an event page, which automatically will show time left till pre-order goes live and we will always be ready to help you with questions.

USD 130/HKD 990 for singles
2 pack (exclusive to threezerstore) is USD 240/HKD 1869 and it comes with severe hands accessory.

Currently following characters are in the works:

Well Zombie

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