The Top 50 Transformers Poll: Number 50 to 41


Animated was a breath of fresh air for Transformers fans. Engaging storylines, beautiful animation, and thoroughly enjoyable, it’s toy line was a love it or leave it affair. Ultra Magnus towered over them all. The leader of the Autobots in this incarnation. Magnus was one of the initial Leader Class figures in the Animated line. Transforming into what is described as “ an 8-wheeled Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck”. Magnus came with attitude, a big ass hammer, a movable mouth, and a sound chip. The image of a hammer wielding Magnus was so well received that the Magnus that arrived in Prime followed suit with a hammer of his own… for a time.

animated magnus 41 magnus 41











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Autobots quake in fear when Overlord  thunders on to the battlefield. This towering warrior is an amalgamation of the deadliest Decepticon weaponry known, armed with laser blasters and grenade launchers in his stomach, and the terrifying ability to prevent the wounds he inflicts upon his opponents from healing. He is even equipped with an internal arms factory. Overlord is formed from two individual vehicles, a tank and a jet, which combine together to form his colossal robot mode, a heavily-armed advance base, or a larger jet capable of space flight.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA G1_overlord_toy overlord


This is the Masterpiece Starscream every one expected originally (But it’s the third one released) The robot body was heavily remolded to appear more accurate to the original Gen 1 designs along with a more accurate paint job. This Star Scream is especially notable for the inclusion of the Coronation crown and cape seen in the animated Transformers Movie.

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MP11 Starscream 01MP11 Starscream 02

MP11 Starscream 03MP11 Starscream 04

FORT MAX- G1- 44

Fort Max clocks in at #44! As one of the largest Transformers, his size is as impressive as his demand. Have you tried to price out one of these bad boys lately? If you cannot afford this G1 release, Takara has released an Encore version that is spot on to the original release. Fort Max held on to the tittle for several years, but a modern version of Metroplex took that crown as the largest Transformer to date. Still, I must say #44 is impressive to say the least.

Despite his great power, size, and rank, Fortress Maximus is a weary and reluctant warrior. Fighting is against his pacifist nature, even for the most noble of causes. Over time, the endless conflict on Cybertron has worn him down, to the point that he’s willing to walk away from the war entirely to preserve himself and his ideals.

Fortress Maximus is big. How big generally depends on the universe, but often as not he’s binary-bonded to a smaller robot namedCerebros who forms his head; Cerebros’s own head is formed by Spike.

Long the holy grail of G1 collectors. What do I really have to say about good old Max? Five transformable robots came with this ultimate Headmaster. Standing at near 2 feet tall he was the ultimate, end all be all of Transformerdom.

fortress_maximus_120184590869  g1-fortress-maximus-058


The first combiner team in the Transformers line, Devestator is created by the 6 Constructicons combining to form a giant robot. The mold originally came from Takara’s Diaclone series and unlike later combiner teams, the transformation is unique and doesn’t allow for swapping of arms and legs.

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G1 Devestator 01G1 Devestator 02

G1 Devestator 03


This is the first edition of the US Transformers Prime series, limited in their release, these hard to find first edition Prime figures bring the television series to life and come in equally impressive packaging! I do believe this was released at SDCC first then he became available at major retail outlets. His overall popularity brings this Prime to number 46!



The combined form of Star Saber and Victory Leo. Victory Saber was the main hero from the Japanese Transformers Victory anime. The combination of two characters to form something bigger was nothing new to Transformers fans, the use of two big figures to make an even bigger one was. It took the basic duocon format and started the Transformers line in a new direction that they touched on a few more times, the most notable being the combination of Fire Convoy  and God Magnus from Car Robots.

Victory Saber 01Victory Saber 02

Victory Saber 03


Scourge is a repaint of Laser Optimus Prime from the Gen 2 toyline that appeared in the Car Robots series (later brought over to America as “Robots in Disguise” in 2002) The toy no longer has any of the electronics Optimus had, but quickly became a fan favorite even though it’s just a repainted Optimus.

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RID Scourge 01RID Scourge 03

RID Scourge 02


Jetfire comes in at number 49! I know this might not be to popular with many but remember, it’s just a list! Now onto the show! Jetfire, to me, is one of the most fascinating characters from the G1 line AND he is the only G1 Transformer I own. It could be the Macros inspired look or it could be that he is just too cool. Never the less, he is in the top 50 and that makes me happy.

Jetfire is a bot of science, literally. Not only is his mind dedicated towards scientific pursuits, but his body is a testament to the technology he studies so intensely. (Some would say “religiously”, but not in his presence.) Every inch of his chassis is cutting-edge and kept up-to-date. However, he does not have the trust of his teammates; it was not so long ago that he was a Decepticon. Jetfire is compassionate, so some Autobots feel that he could be soft on their enemies or, even worse, he may turn on them after realizing his “cold calculations” swing the other way.

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G1-Jetfire_1370624373 jetfire jetfire092


– A translucent redeco of the Animated Voyager Class Prime. It came with battle armor to show how Prime appeared in “End Game” The figure also came with a jetpack and the hammer of Ultra Magnus that was scaled down to a voyager size.  The beauty of these accessories would transform to make a trailer for Prime when he was in truck mode. Released as a Japanese exclusive it fetches a price on the secondary market and may never see the light of day with an American release.

optimus 50 prime 50

wingblade optimus 50