The Time Has Come To Say Goodbye

Stan Ford, here, writing my last article for Needless Essentials Online. Since I started in 2014, I have found it to be a huge pleasure to write for everyone that reads it. I have written a lot in the past six years, and I have chronicled a lot of change. I’ve discovered a lot of great comics and a lot of great creators. However, there always comes a time when things change and people have to move on. For me, this is that time.

One of my favorite headers I ever designed for the web site.

I’ve taken a freelance position with Comic Book Resources. I look forward to bringing a love of comics, new and old to my articles there. It’s a chance to share my knowledge and love for this medium with a crowd that I may have never reached here. My devotion to the Legion of Super-Heroes will still surface from time to time. I won’t be writing reviews and Reviews Of Old Comics will be something that I will find sporadic time for on my own. However, my opinions will be on full display in the articles that I do write.

I need to thank Tracy for giving me a place to express my voice. He approached me at a time when I had no real outlet. I was discouraged with trying to make my way in the industry. After taking this job, I soon gave up on pursuing a career as an artist in this industry. I was a little bitter, but I faced some hard truths about myself, and more importantly, about what the comic industry had become. Without this outlet, I don’t know what might have been my outlet. He gave me the freedom to create something that I could be proud of. For the past few years, I’ve designed all of the headers for the web site. This was a great outlet for my artistic talents, and I’ll miss the opportunity it has provided me.

I also want to thank Scott for helping to keep me motivated. Whenever it got too stressful for me, Scott could write something that made me want to write again. Scott will claim that I was the reason for his collection of What If? comics, but without someone else here sharing their passion, I probably would have quit long ago, and wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity I’m now taking.

I also need to thank my wife, known to readers as the Comic Lover’s Wife. She gave me the time to express myself, which was sometimes hard to find with day jobs and family obligations. She’s been the inspiration for several articles, even writing a few along the way. Without her support, and without her ability to see how important my love for comics is to my identity, I wouldn’t be writing this now.

Hopefully, you all will follow me to my new online home. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter, where any new articles will be announced. Until then, keep comics alive!