The Ten Actors Who Could Play Deadpool

There’s been a movie in planning for Deadpool for years but nothing has come to fruition yet. However, eventually the Merc With The Mouth will get a movie of his own and I’ve established ten lucky guys that could convincingly pull off the indomitable Mr Wilson in some fashion or another quite.


Now I’m talking live action because when it comes to the animated format, Nolan North has that down on lock. You may not agree with all of them or any of them even. But these are the ten guys that can be The Crimson Comedian


On to the list.

Deadpool Main Pic

Kieran Culkin

Though it seems an unlikely choice Kieran could do a great job as the Merc With The Mouth. One of the aspects of the character is his complete smart assery and ability to not take anything seriously. If you want to see Kieran be both then look no further than his turn as Wallace Well’s in “Scott Pilgrim vs the World”. Kieran was the break out start of that movie and he inhabited that character of Wallace like few actors inhabit a role. It would not be a huge stretch to have him take the energy and humor he had for that role and put it into Deadpool. And besides: Wallace Wells/ Wade Wilson. COME ON!!! It’s damn near written in stone.

The downside is that Kieran has all the ability to play Deadpool but he may not have a distinctive enough voice. Deadpool is a character who should be in the mask for the majority of the time and thus  needs a voice that is all at once instantly recognizable and dead on in conveying just what this guy is all about. I don’t know if Kieran can pull off the no nonsense sound that Nolan North has managed to pull off while still being entertainingly nonsensical. .

Will Arnett

He’s smarmy, sarcastic, able to play idiot real well, great sense of comedic timing, and an instantly recognizable voice that arrests the attention of a viewer. Will has a great comedic range, easily slipping from smug, superior smart ass, to complete idiocy with very little effort.

Will has been a cult favorite comedian for years always playing in ensemble casts but has shown himself to be a standout in those ensembles for years now. Fox would have to be willing to take a chance on the comedian but I think he would work well bringing just that right amount of deadly and deadly funny.


H. Jon Benjamin

Okay,  this one is a bit of a cheat in that I think H. John would be a great aspect of Deadpool but not Deadpool himself. In other words, I think H. John would be perfect as the voice of the white box inside of Deadpools thoughts. Yes, I know Daniel Way’s change was met with mixed results at best, but it’s an aspect of this character that I have fully enjoyed.

The conversations between Deadpool and the voice in his head has been ground for some very funny moments. H. John shines brightest when he is doing dialogue in “Archer” and “Bob’s Burgers”. The deadpan style and recognizable voice would work well against any of the guys in this list and with Nolan North as well.
Take into account that white box has now been ret-conned into being another character that was sharing the same body with Wade and it makes even more sense to have a completely different voice for those white boxes.


Nicholas Cage

Insane? Check. Commits one hundred percent to a role? Check. Able to handle ultra violence? Oh check. Nic Cage has been Deadpool once already but never knew it. Take a look at his role in Face Off and tell me Castor Troy isn’t a proto- Deadpool. A terrorist with more in line with a Merc really. Nic committed to that role with a gusto that was admirable before it became all he did.


The downside is that Nic may be a tad poison at the box office. The age may also factor into it, although the makeup job on Deadpool should cover that up. Nic may just be too old for Wade at this point. And possibly too crazy, but he’s been down this road before and it could be just the vehicle to bring him back to the top.



Timothy Olyphant

Timothy is the dark horse candidate here. However, he’s a born action star with his turn in “justified” giving him that chance. Plus, his guest spots on “the Office”, “My Name is Earl”, and “The League” has shown that he has a great sense of timing and the ability to be funny. If you mix that with a great presence and an intense voice and Timmy O could make a Deadpool that could surprise people.

Tim could pull out a performance on par with Heath Ledger’s turn as the Joker.


Robin Williams

Again, this would only have worked when Robin was young, but Robin Williams could have been a great Deadpool. He has that comedic sense, quick fire wit, ability to improve, and has been a fairly physical guy thanks to his bike riding. He wouldn’t be doing any stunts but he could have turned out as a great Wade.


He even has the ability to show the gravitas and serious side to Wade that comes from the darker aspects of the character; just look at “Insomnia”.


However, Robin is definitely too old to play the Merc and his box office hasn’t been the same since “Insomnia” add in his busy schedule on CBS ‘The Wild Ones” and Robin’s chances as Wade are all D.O.A.


And for those who think this was an odd pick just remember: If Michael Keaton can be Batman than Robin Williams could be Deadpool.


Jim Carrey

He has the look, the comedic timing, and has played an ultra violent killer in “Kick Ass”. Jim Carrey was damn near custom made for Deadpool a few years ago. He’s shown the ability to give amazing expressions though layers of make-up (just look at his turn as the Grinch).


However, the with Jim’s own refusal to support the Kick Ass movie he was a part of because of all the violence, there is no way he would step into the ultra violent shoes of a man who would put a bullet and a sword into someone as soon as look at them.


It’s sad because Jim has the insanity, the drama, the look, the name, and the ultra commitment to any character he plays.


John Turturro

Another name that people wouldn’t associate with the crimson comedian, but you could do far worse than Barton Fink. He’s often been the breakout character of the movies he’s been in; from Jesus in “The Big Lebowski” to Agent Simmons in “The Transformers” John has been able to handle the indy scene and role with the big budget epics.

The insanity he brought to Simmons, the cold deadly aura he had in “Secret Window” and his ability to completely commit to any role he plays would lend itself well to a character that will require someone to commit to the over the top antics of Wade Wilson. That is key, a complete commitment to the absurdity that Wade has to face from time to time and a genuine belief in that absurdity as serious is crucial and John has made absurd his calling call. Why do you think the Coen Brothers love him so much?


Christian Bale

Here’s another one that not many would think of. He’s Batman; one of the more serious portrayals but with a horrible digitized voice. Crappy smoker’s voice aside, Christian has shown himself to be a chameleon when it comes to roles. He’s has the physicality of Wilson, the size and build to be Deadpool.

His time in “American Psycho” has shown his ability to be a believable sociopath (not to mention the audio from “Terminator Salvation”) as well as showing that he can handle an undertone of absurdity and make it entertaining. His turn in “American Hustle” has shown a lighter and funnier side to Bale. The guy has got timing and can carry the funny dialogue even without the improv/comedic chops of others on this list.


The only downside is that Bale may be done with main stream comic characters. He took on Batman because Nolan’s take intrigued him. The seriousness of Bruce Wayne’s tragedy is what drew him in and Wade, though tragic, is more about the humor than any of the dark side aspects that Bale loves to handle.

Ryan Reynolds

Yeah I know he played Wade in the Wolverine movie but anyone will tell you that that wasn’t Deadpool.

Anyone who saw the first Wolverine movie will tell you that Ryan Reynolds was the best part of that movie. However, they will also tell you that the character called Wade wasn’t truly Deadpool. Way too different at the end.

Ryan is the perfect person to play Deadpool and hopefully will be seeing the much delayed Deadpool movie getting a green light and we can get him as a proper Wade Wilson and not just a sad reminded of what might have been.

However, Ryan may get some resistance from Warner Bros due to him playing Green Lantern. So if Ryan can’t play the role he was meant to play than there are nine other people on this list that could have filled in at one time.


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