The Last Jedi Packaging Revealed Plus Force Friday II

STARWARS.COM has revealed both the date for Force Friday and the new packaging design for The Last Jedi. Force Friday II will be September 1st so mark your calendar. I guess the last one does not count. Read on for more if you want to know what we think on this design.  Well since this has been revealed here are our thoughts. Hasbro does not read our site anyway so why not. The overall design is okay, nothing to shout home about. It does have that Legacy feel to it but you know what would have been better? A vintage design! Could you imagine if this line was the return of the vintage style cardback or box design? This stuff would sell like hotcakes! Sure, Hasbro has their reasons but it seems to me the company is so fragmented with this license. What I mean is the toys just don’t sell like they used too. Just look at the failure on the new AT-ATC as an example. This might be a poor example but it does show how far off the company is to the fandom connection wise. I know, lets just see what is planned before we jump all over the company that produces our toys. I guess i’m just jaded at the moment. It just seems like a huge missed opportunity to build the brand back up. Now we just have to wait and see if Nerf will be added to this line….again…..

Look for concret news this weekend on both the 40th Anniversary and what little bit they will show from The Last Jedi. We will be setting up links to our friends for the Hasbro info since we are unable to attend the event.