The Haslab Star Wars Barge is Backed!!!

With 4 days to go #HasLab has managed to successfully reach the 5000 backers mark and minimum number for #JabbasSailBarge the #Khetanna!! This is huge news folks and guess what? We have 4 more days to go!!

Congratulations to #Hasbro and HasLab for hitting this seemingly insurmountable number when it first appeared and now we wait until February of next year for its arrival!!

What does this mean for future projects? Its just the start of a much larger world for Hasbro and Haslab. With one project a year who knows what they will cook up for 2019! Oh there are so many ideas and you know what? We will run through those next week. For now break out the bubbly and sit back and wait. 

Star Wars Toys CR: Hasbro