The Flash Funko Reaction Figures Review

The Flash‘s new season premiered last week and this week we have the Funko Reaction figures from the CW‘s The Flash. Find out what we think about them after the jump.


Funko Reaction Flash

The front of the card has the show’s title over a cityscape with the Flash blur streaking down the street and we get a large photo of the character on the side. I like the use of the cityscape image as it’s a common image used in a lot of the promotional material for the show already.

Reaction Flash 02

The back of the card is pretty generic and shows off all three of the figures in the series (Flash, Reverse Flash & Captain Cold)


Reaction Flash 03

Starting off with our main hero, let’s take a look at The Flash. The sculpt is nicely detailed showing off aspects of the costume I hadn’t noticed on the show. I like that the main chest symbol and all the various lighting bolts on the costume are all sculpted and crisp.


Reaction Flash 04

The head sculpt appears to be fairly generic, but it resembles Grant Gustin a little more than I expected. Just like the rest of the costume, the flash earpieces are also nicely sculpted and poke out a little from the sides of the head.

Reaction Flash 05


Reaction Flash 08

There are a few drawbacks to the figure (mostly dealing with the Funko Reaction aesthetic in general) The figure seems a little thin in a side shot (as most Reaction Figures are) and there aren’t really many running poses one can put the figure in when his elbows and knees don’t bend. Like I said, these are inherent to the style of Funko Reaction Figures though, so you should already expect this from the figure and not exactly count it as a negative.


Reaction Flash 07

However, there is one negative I found while posing the figures. The holes in the bottom of the feet are too large for modern GI Joe footpegs and are a touch too small for vintage 80’s footpegs. Since the plastic has some flexibility to it, you can use a vintage 80’s sized footpeg, but in the case of the figure I have, a stress mark showed up. This is probably due to the fact that the foot hole takes up a good portion of the heel. The stress mark is gone now that I don’t have the figure on the peg anymore, but there is potential for damage there.


Reaction Flash 06


Overall, I like the figure for what it is, a show accurate Flash figure in a vintage Star Wars style toy. The sculpting is very nice and I like that it uses multiple shades of red on the paintjob adding depth to the figure.



Funko Reaction Captain Cold

Up next is one of the two Flash enemies, Captain Cold. The card is just like the Flash card with the same cityscape image and a picture of the character from the TV show. The back of the card is exactly the same.


Reaction Flash 10 Cold

The Captain Cold figure is the most generic of all three figures, showcasing him in a suit with long coat and goggles.


Reaction Flash 11 Cold

The head sculpt also feels generic with the sculpted goggles. The hair doesn’t look quite right when compared with the actor’s picture on the card as it seems too sculpted for what is essentially a buzz cut. In fact, looking closer, this head looks like Quentin Tarantino wearing goggles. It’s not the same head used on the Tarantino figure from the Pulp Fiction line, but it looks like him to me.


Reaction Flash 12 Cold

Unlike the other figures in this line, Captain Cold is the only one that comes with an accessory, his Cold Gun. The gun isn’t exactly show accurate, but it is close. I don’t know if this is due to sculpting issues, or Funko getting early/different reference material from the show. It’s nicely detailed and fits securely in Captain Cold‘s hand. Only his left hand can hold it which, unfortunately, is not the hand he uses in the show at all.

Reaction Flash 13 Cold


Reaction Flash 14 Cold

Captain Cold is the low point in this line. While his outfit is show accurate, it’s an early version that I believe was only seen in part of his debut episode. I wish we had gotten this figure in his trademark parka that is even shown on the front of the card. The gun is nice and a must for this figure. If you really like Captain Cold, you may like this figure, but since we have a better villain for The Flash to fight, Captain Cold isn’t a necessary figure to have.



Funko Reaction Reverse Flash

Lastly we have The Flash‘s arch nemesis, Reverse Flash! Like the others in this line, the card art is the same, but I must say, I’m enjoying the picture for Reverse Flash more than the other figure’s pictures.


Reaction Flash 16 Reverse

Reverse Flash is as nicely sculpted as The Flash figure is. The costume is fairly show accurate (There’s a few rib lines in the torso that aren’t on the figure, but that’s very minor)


Reaction Flash 17 Reverse

The head sculpt seems a little more generic, but the face is mostly covered by a mask and the eyes are obscured with the red paintjob, so that’s to be expected. Just like The Flash figure, the mask has the same sculpted details with the lighting ears and grooves on the top of the head.

Reaction Flash 18 Reverse


Reaction Flash 20 Reverse

At first glance I made the same mistake I’ve made with previous Funko Reaction figures and thought both The Flash and Reverse Flash were the same sculpts or just slightly modified. No, these are two completely different sculpts that showcase the different body types between the two characters. You’ll notice The Flash is thinner overall while Reverse Flash is wider and seems more like an adult sized figure.


Reaction Flash 19 Reverse

I like the Reverse Flash figure. The yellow paintjob has a nice fade effect going into the black lower half which allows the ring on his left hand to really pop. Unfortunately the face blends into the yellow mask a little too easily but that’s the only negative on the paintjob. The figure is nicely sculpted, fairly show accurate and a great addition alongside The Flash Reaction figure.


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