The Fan Theory That Makes Marvel Comics More Interesting.

Franklin442Franklin Richards, Master of the Universe

The full theory has been detailed here. The biggest evidence for this is something I hadn’t thought about and only heard about a few days ago in Comic Geek Speak’s review of Fantastic Four. To help Sue Richards give birth to Franklin, an anti-matter element from the Negative Zone was used. Franklin has always been determined to have near-omnipotency, explored a few times in comics. Omnipotency is tricky because every time you think you have caught the theory up in a snafu, the answer is “yes.” There is a reason for wildly inconsistent aging in the Marvel Universe, especially around Franklin Richards.

I urge you to go down the rabbit hole that is the the website detailing the theory, telling how Fantastic Four is the Great American Novel, but the most interesting aspect is that Franklin is the reason Marvel Comics do not follow real time, and that ages are inconsistent, least of all Franklin’s own age. Here are the highlights of the theory:

1) Franklin’s powers come from the Cosmic Control Rod which facilitated his birth. Without using this Negative Zone object of vast, malleable power, not only Franklin would have died upon birth, but so would have his mother. It becomes apparent that the first manifestation of Franklin’s vast reality-shaping power was his own survival, but his mother.

2) Franklin’s age is inconsistent. Franklin’s age usually hovers around five, but has been determined to be as high as eight. Franklin has seen the kind of power that he has and it scares him. That is why Franklin is scared top grow up, and why he subconsciously cuts himself off from the full conscious use of his powers.

3) Franklin has already created an alternate reality. When Onslaught first threatened the Marvel Universe, The Avengers and the Fantastic Four seemed to die fighting them, leaving Franklin an Orphan. However, he was always carrying around a red ball. That red ball was actually an alternate reality Franklin made for those heroes to save them from dying against Onslaught. Within it, those heroes had adventures chronicled in the “Heroes Reborn” series done by Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld.

Sure there are holes to the theory but a lot of those can be, and are credited to the subconscious nature of the theory. Effects are not consistent, but then while Franklin is omnipotent, he is not omniscient, so any character hidden from Franklin’s notice would be essentially unchanged by the effects of his powers. There’s even a wonderful aspect that completely encompasses and explains Sentry. Click that link above and join me in the rabbit hole.