The Bridge Direct’s WWE StackDown Loose & Boxed Images

We now have high-Res pictures of the WWE StackDown sets, both loose and boxed. I must admit, these look fun and we will be reviewing a set once we secure one from retail. It is refreshing to see more properties move into the building block format; this gives fans several play options and they can let their imaginations run wild. I see a ton of potential here gang and we cannot wait to dive in and see how they compare to other building block sets. Till then, enjoy the pictures and start looking for them at retail! Remember Toys R Us and K-Mart is the place to be if you want to secure this line.

C3 WWE StackDown Ring Playset
The StackDown Ring Playset is the center of the WWE StackDown Universe where Superstars John Cena and The Miz battle it out to become the ultimate StackDown Champion. Three C3 figures are included – John Cena, The Miz and Referee – as well as tons of features, from the TitanTron screen to real working ring ropes that sling and slam the Superstars. With over 350 pieces, the action-packed play experience is different every time! SRP $49.99

C3 WWE StackDown Train ‘N Rumble Playset

The Train ‘N Rumble Playset recreates the brawling action as Superstars Rey Mysterio and Sheamus train to become the next WWE StackDown Champion. Experience the excitement as lockers slam, water coolers are thrown and punching bags swing! The playset features two levels of awesome action play and over 200 pieces, including a weight rack, bench press, brawlin’ dummy and battle discs. SRP $24.99

C3 WWE StackDown Undertaker’s Entrance Playset
With the Undertaker’s Entrance playset, the Undertaker rides his chopper through the gates and into the action, ready to become the next WWE StackDown Champion! Build the chopper, gates and Undertaker pedestals, and then pay tribute to the Urn. The set comes with over 120 pieces including swinging gates, flames, custom statue, and the Undertaker figure. SRP $12.99

C3 WWE StackDown Starter Sets

The WWE Starter Sets each include one Superstar figure and over 70 pieces to build, making them perfect for starting to grow the WWE Universe! Authentic and unique accessories, such as Santino Marella’s Cobra Cage and sock puppet snake and Kofi Kingston’s ladders and chains, are featured in each set to really bring the action to life! The collection includes four Starter Sets: High Flyin’ Sin Cara, Kofi Kingston with Ladder Match Set, Damian Sandow’s School of Hard Knocks and Santino Marella’s Cobra Cage.

WWE-RingPlayset-PKG_TheBridgeDirect WWE-StarterSet-DamienSandow-PKG_TheBridgeDirect WWE-StarterSet-Kofi Kingston-PKG_TheBridgeDirect WWE-StarterSet-SantinoMarella-PKG_TheBridgeDirect WWE-StarterSet-SinCara-PKG_TheBridgeDirect WWE-TrainNRumblePlayset-PKG_TheBridgeDirect WWE-UndertakersEntrance-PKG_TheBridgeDirect

WWE-RingPlayset_TheBridgeDirect WWE-StarterSet-DamienSandow_TheBridgeDirect WWE-StarterSet-Kofi Kingston_TheBridgeDirect WWE-StarterSet-SantinoMarella_TheBridgeDirect WWE-StarterSet-SinCara_TheBridgeDirect WWE-TrainNRumblePlayset_TheBridgeDirect WWE-UndertakersEntrance_TheBridgeDirect