The Big Bang Theory Minimates Review

The Big Bang Theory has an entire line of Minimates out and we’re reviewing both box sets at once! Does the line have enough geek cred to represent the show well? Read on to find out!

First off, let me apologize for being so late with a review on these sets, I try to only review items that are current and both of these sets came out this past December. Since they are still easily obtainable I figure I should finally review them and if any of you feel you need to have these afterwards, you’ll still be able to get them (possibly even for a discount from the original retail price) Both sets started out as Entertainment Earth exclusives, but you can find them at many places now including Amazon
The Big Bang Theory Minimates Set 1

The Big Bang Theory Minimates Set 2

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Big Bang Theory Minimates 01

The first box set features Sheldon, Raj, Howard and Amy Farrah Fowler. Both sets are blister carded showing off all the figures and many of the accessories.


Big Bang Theory Minimates 02 Raj

Rajesh is wearing a purple jacket over his trademark sweater vest. The face likeness is pretty good and shows his typical smile.


Big Bang Theory Minimates 03 Howard

Howard is wearing the purple stripe shirt with purple pants that almost every licensed item always has him wearing. I like the Alien belt buckle tampo. The colors work well with this figure.


Big Bang Theory Minimates 04 Amy

Amy has her typical sweater over a skirt appearance. The hairpiece is pretty dead on. Amy (and all the girls) suffers from having a skirt piece as that means she can’t sit down.


Big Bang Theory Minimates 05 Sheldon

Sheldon rounds out this set wearing a Green Lantern T-Shirt that we’ve seen the actor wear on the show many times. The face looks Sheldon-esq with a smug looking smile.


Big Bang Theory Minimates 06

Included with this set is a Laptop Computer and a TV Remote. The detail on the remote is really good considering how small it is (1 Millimeter long X under 1/2 Millimeter wide at it’s widest point!) The remote also has a universal appearance that most TV Remotes have nowdays which makes it easily recognizable. Both accessories work well with any and all Minimates.


Big Bang Theory Minimates 16 Playstation

In early press pictures and at some shows, there was another accessory added to this set, a Playstation Controller. The piece looks to be pretty spot on and would have been an awesome extra added to the set. For unknown reasons it was dropped from the set before it was released. I hope to see it show up in a future set as it does look really cool.


Big Bang Theory Minimates 07

Set #2 rounds out the rest of the main cast with Leonard, Penny & Bernadette. We also get another Sheldon in a different outfit.


Big Bang Theory Minimates 08 Leonard

Leonard has his Recycle T-Shirt with a jacket over it. The face is a pretty good representation, but I’m not too keen on the grin and the hair seems a bit off.This is not the first time we’ve gotten a Minimate with Chucks on his feet, but I do always like seeing it.


Big Bang Theory Minimates 09 Leonard

I don’t know if it was planned, but as you can see, Sheldon’s Green Lantern arms can match up to Leonard’s Recycle shirt to allow him to take off his coat.


Big Bang Theory Minimates 10 Penny

Penny has the long hair that she cut off last year. The face looks good and has her lopsided smile. I don’t recognize this outfit from the show, but while researching for this review, I noticed that almost all of the Big Bang Theory Minimates are dressed in the same outfits the actors wore for life size cardboard cutouts. (Howard is the only one who is wearing a completely different outfit)


Big Bang Theory Minimates 11 Bernadette

Bernadette looks the most like her real life counterpart. The face seems to be the most accurate out of all the figures.


Big Bang Theory Minimates 12 Sheldon

Sheldon is basically the same figure we got in the first box set, but with a different shirt. The face is slightly different, but it’s not enough of a difference to make this feel like a different figure. I really wish we had a face with a surprised or overly happy look on it (Like when Sheldon got Leonard Nimoy’s used napkin)


Big Bang Theory Minimates 13

This box set comes with some of my favorite accessories, hands with molded items in them! You get a hand holding a can of soda, a hand with chopsticks and a hand holding a Chinese takeout box. There’s also a Roommate Agreement book (Proving once again that DST will print the smallest text available on their accessories for accuracy)


Big Bang Theory Minimates 14 Couch

Both sets come with a couch. The back of the packaging claims you need to get both sets to build the full couch, but that’s not true. You get a full three cushioned couch in each set.

Big Bang Theory Minimates 15 Couch

Each couch is made up of 5 interconnecting pieces that allows you to make a small chair or a couch as long as you want it to be (Depending on how many couches you have) With both sets you can make a 6 cushioned couch and have two arm rests left over.


Big Bang Theory Minimates 17

So what’s the final verdict? If you’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory, these can be fun. Some of the accessories really add to the personality of the figure. I love that you can get all the main characters and some of the items they use (Couch, Chinese Takeout, etc…) in just two box sets. However, that does seem to limit the possibility of future sets since there are no more main characters to anchor them (Though they could always make different versions of the same characters) The couch is a nice touch but the seats need to have a little more seat room. Most of the figures just barely fit on it, Raj & Leonard can fall off a bit too easily due to their jackets adding bulk to them. If the seats were as large as the back of the couch, I don’t think there would be any problems with the couch at all.

Overall I think fans will like the sets, non-fans can find many uses here too though. The alternate hands are wonderful and both of Sheldon’s shirts can be used for superhero customs. Also you can always use some civilians in the background of your dios for the Superheroes to protect.

Big Bang Theory Minimates 18

Big Bang Theory Minimates 19