The Batman Tumbler Lego Set

While checking out at Target the other day, I saw a new “impulse buy” Lego set I had to have….The Batman Tumbler!


Lego The Batman Tumbler 01 Bag

Like I mentioned this is one of the bagged sets you find at the checkout line intended as an “Impulse buy” These sets are usually small builds under $5  This particular set has 57 pieces

Lego The Batman Tumbler 02 Contents

Here’s the contents of the (now ripped open) bag. You get a folded up instruction sheet and a pile of lego pieces.


Lego The Batman Tumbler 03 Instructions

Lego The Batman Tumbler 04 Instructions

The 15 step instruction page also shows some of the other DC Comics Super Heroes Lego sets.


Lego The Batman Tumbler 05

Here’s the completed Tumbler. It’s a nice little model of the Tumbler with free rolling rubber wheels.


Lego The Batman Tumbler 06 Leftovers

These are the 3 left over pieces after the Tumbler was fully built. I’ve found that in every Lego set you wind up with a few extra parts

Lego The Batman Tumbler 07 Minifig

The Tumbler in this set is not large enough to house a Batman Minifig…

Lego The Batman Tumbler 08 Compare

….But it looks nice next to some of the Tumblers we’ve gotten from Hot Wheels

For the price, this is a nice basic set of the Tumbler. While it may not be able to interact with any Minifigs, it still looks nice sitting on your computer or in a small display.

Lego The Batman Tumbler 09 Title