TFCon Images From The Floor

TFCon is in full swing in Charlotte NC and I must say I was impressed. This my friends, is one heck of a Transformers show! Unlike some of the larger Cons, this one seemed to be well organized and was running sufficiently. Anyone could attend the panels and exclusives could be purchased. Not bad for a walk-in attendee. Now I am not knocking the other shows but you could tell this one was run by fans for the fans. The guest list was excellent and the 3Rd Party panel was awesome! I know some of the other shows can’t support the 3Rd Party movement but that is A okay. We love Hasbro and Takara and we consider 3Rd Party a bonus for the brand.

It was refreshing to see so many dealers sporting Transformer goods, both old and new. 3Rd Party was in abundance and we still feel there is a need for 3Rd Party in the hobby. Some love it and some are purists. They do fill a need that has yet to be quenched by Hasbro or Takara. Still, this was an excellent show and one hell of a good time.

I know we seem to be harken on the 3Rd Party bandwagon but face it, this show was for them. There was plenty of new items on display and tons of recent releases to buy. In fact, check out our images from the showcases and see what we are talking about. I would also love to give a shout out to the crew of TFCon and let them know that the show was a hit. Great job guys and I look forward to the next one! Now onto the images!!

IMG_0540_1800x1200 IMG_0541_1800x1200 IMG_0542_1800x1200 IMG_0544_1800x1200 IMG_0545_1800x1200 IMG_0546_1800x1200 IMG_0547_1800x1200 IMG_0548_1800x1200 IMG_0549_1800x1200 IMG_0550_1800x1200 IMG_0551_1800x1200 IMG_0552_1800x1200 IMG_0553_1800x1200 IMG_0554_1800x1200 IMG_0555_1800x1200 IMG_0556_1800x1200 IMG_0558_1800x1200 IMG_0559_1800x1200 IMG_0560_1200x1800 IMG_0562_1800x1200 IMG_0563_1800x1200 IMG_0564_1800x1200 IMG_0565_1800x1200 IMG_0566_1800x1200 IMG_0567_1200x1800 IMG_0568_1800x1200 IMG_0569_1800x1200 IMG_0570_1800x1200 IMG_0571_1800x1200 IMG_0572_1800x1200 IMG_0573_1200x1800 IMG_0574_1800x1200 IMG_0575_1200x1800 IMG_0576_1800x1200 IMG_0578_1800x1200 IMG_0579_1800x1200 IMG_0580_1800x1200 IMG_0581_1800x1200 IMG_0582_1800x1200 IMG_0583_1200x1800 IMG_0585_1200x1800 IMG_0587_1200x1800 IMG_0589_1200x1800 IMG_0592_1800x1200 IMG_0594_1800x1200 IMG_0596_1800x1200 IMG_0598_1800x1200 IMG_0601_1800x1200 IMG_0602_1800x1200 IMG_0604_1800x1200 IMG_0607_1800x1200 IMG_0609_1200x1800 IMG_0613_1800x1200 IMG_0616_1800x1200 IMG_0617_1200x1800 IMG_0621_1800x1200 IMG_0622_1800x1200 IMG_0623_1800x1200 IMG_0625_1800x1200 IMG_0626_1800x1200