TFCon 2014 Exclusive Masterpiece Shafter!

Are you heading to TFCon come this July? If so you have a pretty awesome exclusive to pick up. TFSource just posted some information concerning this guy so read on for more!

This limited edition TFCon 2014 exclusive features a repaint of the Xtransbots Krank figure which includes TFCon exclusive packaging!
Note: We will bring a small amount of this exclusive back from the con to fill orders and they will be instock and ready to ship on Monday July 14, 2014.

Here is Shafters bio:

It’s been a long and hard road for SHAFTER. Travelling from one time stream to another, visiting one “Animated” world, another “Primed” for action, while keeping one at “Bay” so that the powers that be don’t spill over into each other.  SHAFTER has been changing and engineering a new body for himself to match his surroundings.   He has seen some crazy stuff, and somehow his spark still keeps it all together.   Back in the early days on his home planet, SHAFTER was originally considered for the HERCULES sub-group due to his amazing body re-engineering skills and some even rumor he might have helped with the early concepts of combiner technology.   Cool, calm and collected, Shafter a real ladies’ bot, but if you cross him, you might end up on the receiving end of his CRAGUN; a chromed out pistol that while might be small, packs enough punch to take out even the most aggressive Destron.  He currently is carrying a rivalry with AXIS, the only Destron to sport the C-14 body type.

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