TF Source Altering MP Exhaust for North America Release

Word is starting to trickle in concerning Transformers Masterpiece Exhaust being repainted for US customers who ordered through TF Source. Customers were not told of the alterations until the items was received but the folks over at TF Source is willing to accept any Exhaust as a return, including shipping and handling. Here is the note included with the orders: 

In our efforts to ensure that we were able to secure this highly sought-after figure for our customer, the item you have received has been professionally repainted. The update was a minor modification that minimally impacts the aesthetic appearance of the product, while complying with the requests of Philip Morris USA to not infringe with their trademark.

If you are unsatisfied with this figure, for any reason, we will accept the figure’s return, no questions asked and offer a full refund as well as covering return shipping! Simply reach out to us at if you do not want to keep the item.

We are hopeful that this figure is a welcome addition to your Masterpiece Transformers collection for many years to come!

-Curt & the TFSource Team”

If you really want this figure unaltered there are options, you just have to find one. I have seen these in person and they look incredible. For the painted version, it does not look that bad but I for one would want one the way it was supposed to be. Let us know if you are affected from this and I do applaud TF Source for getting these in.

11164817_10100380600895282_4097081887807557493_n MP-23-EXHAUST-2