Tetsuya Nomura Batman Play Arts Kai Images New Images!

Coming in from Play Arts Kai is the Tetsuya Nomura designed Variant Batman. Here are the first official images of this unique figure from Square Enix. This is not your normal take on Batman and the fantasy level is insane! This figure will include several swap out pieces such as hands, arm pieces, thigh pieces and shin pieces. Look for a deep glossy black paint app with some deep red highlights to help make this bad boy pop. As of right now he will retail for $174.99 but that price could change. Read on for the images and look for pre-orders soon from both Entertainment Earth and BBTS!

Tetsuya-Nomura-Batman-Play-Arts-Kai-001 Tetsuya-Nomura-Batman-Play-Arts-Kai-002 Tetsuya-Nomura-Batman-Play-Arts-Kai-003 Tetsuya-Nomura-Batman-Play-Arts-Kai-004 Tetsuya-Nomura-Batman-Play-Arts-Kai-005 Tetsuya-Nomura-Batman-Play-Arts-Kai-006 Tetsuya-Nomura-Batman-Play-Arts-Kai-007 Tetsuya-Nomura-Batman-Play-Arts-Kai-008 Tetsuya-Nomura-Batman-Play-Arts-Kai-009