Terminator Harvester – Random Toys

While many people were not impressed with the Terminator Salvation toyline, there were a few items that were must buy items….if only they showed up in stores. One such item is this week’s Random Toy: The Terminator Harvester

In the movie Terminator Salvation, there was a giant robot that scooped humans up off the ground and dropped them into hovering pens to be hauled away. The Terminator Harvester is so big that Moto Terminators (Motorcycle Terminators) are stored in it’s lower legs and ramp off the feet in pursuit of stray humans. Giant robots are just begging to be made into toys and thankfully Playmates did not disappoint.

Terminator Harvester 001The Terminator Harvester stands over 13″ tall and is a metallic grey color with hints of brown in various points. The paint job has a lot of brush strokes all over it which adds to the metallic appearance. The figure looks very close to what is seen in the movie and has a nice bulky feel to it overall.



Terminator Harvester 002

The instructions show off all of the play features all over the Terminator Harvester.

Terminator Harvester 003Terminator Harvester 004The shoulder cannon has a spring loaded missile and it can be latched to the back. If you press the head down, the cannon springs up and you can swivel it side to side. A button on the chest turns on search lights while it’s pressed.


Terminator Harvester 005


The Harvester takes 3 button cell batteries (L1154 also known as LR44) The three batteries sit underneath a panel on the back that is held on with a small phillips head screw.



Terminator Harvester 006

The two main arms on the Harvester have buttons on the forearms. Pressing these buttons opens the claws on the hands. The hands can grab up Terminator Salvation (or other 3 3/4″) figures easily and holds them well due to springs inside the hands.



Terminator Harvester 007Terminator Harvester 008The Harvester has two smaller arms on it’s chest with multiple points of articulation and can also hold figures. The claws on the small arms do not have springs to stay closed like the main hands.



Terminator Harvester 009

The Terminator Harvester has a ton of articulation for such a large robot figure. The shoulders can rotate and swivel, the elbows have swivel joints, the wrists can rotate. The small chest arms can swivel up & down, the elbows can swivel and rotate, the wrists can rotate and all four fingers can swivel which also gives the added benefit of making it appear there are swivel wrists as well.

The torso can rotate, the hips can swivel up and down plus in and out. While I don’t see the practicality of it, you can make the Harvester cross his feet with this hip articulation. The knees have swivel hinges, but they bend backward. Finishing off all the articulation are hinged ankles. These feature one of my favorite details with robot toys, simulated hydraulics! The back of the feet have hydraulics that expand when you move the ankle joint.

Terminator Harvester 010

While the Terminator Harvester may not be exactly to scale with the other 3 3/4″ Terminator Salvation toys, it is a large impressive robotic figure. Even if you hated the movie and thought the toys were laughable, this beast deserves a second look. It’s nice and sturdy (though a little top heavy) with an exceptional amount of articulation for a figure of it’s size (Especially nowdays)

Now you may be thinking to yourself, I saw all the Terminator Salvation toys rotting on shelves for months and never saw anything like this. Well you probably didn’t miss this behemoth on the toy shelves as I’m fairly certain it never made it there (Definitely didn’t show up in any stores in my area) I got this one on ebay from somewhere in the midwest around the time the toys were in stores. I’m pretty sure I also paid around the retail price at the time. A quick look around the internet shows BBTS had these at one time as well with a retail price around $40

If you find one of these, I highly suggest grabbing it. It’s a fun giant robot.