Target to Suspend Trading Card Sales

In a non surprising move, Target stores will be suspending all trading cards sales starting on the 15th. What does this mean? It means you will need to find some other place to purchase sports cards, Pokemon cards, ect. Target has experienced a surge in violence as flippers, scalpers, and just down right mean people have fought each other and employees over cards. Most recently a customer was assaulted (well they tried) another customer in the parking lot over cards. Luckily for the would be victim, he had a concealed carry permit. How did we get to this point you ask? Pure greed and boredom with surging prices led to this.

One has to ask though, can action figures be nest? Lets face it, exclusives are driving people bonkers and mix in the ability to flip for 5 times retail, some are getting out of hand. If you guys was to fend off this result I would advise you all to avert being nice in the toy aisles while hunting GI Joe Classified, and Star Wars.  Start treating folks who work in these stores some respect.  I know we have some who buy up the exclusives but not always (employee wise). Talk to management, show proof and work to get those exclusives. Start hitting the scalpers where it hurts by not buying their stuff and most importantly, strike up a network where folks can work together during the hunt. Bottom line is try not to be an asshole. Yeah that was blunt but it’s the truth. The more we all work together the faster we can stem off flippers and avoid confrontation in the stores.