Tamashii Nations Reveals FiguartsZERO Dragonball Z Piccolo

Bluefin Tamashii Nations has posted images and release details for their upcoming FiguartsZERO Dragonball Z Piccolo. The figure is due between October and November for a price of $37.99. More info from Tamashii:

The much anticipated fifth title in the popular FiguartsZERO Dragonball series will be everyone’s favorite Namekian, Piccolo. An interchangeable right hand part is included, allowing for recreation of two out of this world attack poses! The billowing cape and smoke effects come together to create a realistic and dynamic pose. This Tamashii Web Exclusive will be available at Bluefin affiliated N. American retailers.

FiguartsZERO-Dragonball-Z-Piccolo-1 FiguartsZERO-Dragonball-Z-Piccolo-2 FiguartsZERO-Dragonball-Z-Piccolo-3 FiguartsZERO-Dragonball-Z-Piccolo-4 FiguartsZERO-Dragonball-Z-Piccolo-5 FiguartsZERO-Dragonball-Z-Piccolo-6