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Reviews Of Old Comics: What If? #11

What If? #11 October  1978 Today of all days, we need to review a comic that might have had the best of intentions somewhere, but was obviously created with the intention of having fun with a story. Therefore we give you a What If? story created by Jack Kirby, proving that while fandom may hold the original Marvel Bullpen with awe, one of them can have a little fun with their roles. SYNOPSIS: The Watcher introduces us to a version of the Fantastic Four that while different, is still familiar, the original Marvel Bullpen: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Sol Brodsky and Flo Steinberg. They are fighting an ogre-like creature whose weapon takes out everyone bu Flo, the Invisible Girl. She lets him defeat himself by surrounding him with a force field while he fires his weapon. She then realizes that he's the reclusive scientist that they came to meet.

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