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Reviews of Old Comics: Fantastic Four #265

Fantastic Four #265 April 1984 Sitting on my computer desktop are two pages from an early issue of Sensational She-Hulk. I won't saw which issue they're from, since I plan on making that a review very soon. In the set-up for that review, I figured I should go to the moment that I realized her potential, when she joined the Fantastic Four. SYNOPSIS: The Trapster parachutes onto the roof of the Baxter Building, in an attempt to prove himself by taking out the Fantastic Four on his own. From his point of view we see the Baxter Building layout as he descends through the levels of the Fantastic Four's headquarters, oblivious to the fact that the building's computer defenses are tracking him keeping him from sensitive areas and jamming his paste gun. As he enters the residential level, he realizes that the Fantastic Four aren't home and he's being beaten by an empty building. Spooked by Franklin's caretaker robot, he trips on one of Franklin's toys, barely making his way to the elevator to the lobby, where he's defeated by their android receptionist Roberta, who calls the police to come pick him up.

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