TAG AND BINK Added to Han Solo Movie!

We had a very interesting tweet from Ron Haward, which emerged from the Han Solo movie set and it’s making fans everywhere ecstatic! It seems Tag and Bink will become cannon! You might be wondering who Tag and Bink are and let me explain. These two characters are hilarious and they come from the wonderful writing of  Kevin Rubio. The comics starring Tag and Bink were part of the Star Wars Tales series and saw the hapless characters weave in and out of the lives of several characters. 

Print copies of Tag and Bink tales are hard to track down but so worth it if you can find them. The best way to sum it up is these characters get into some interesting situations and the laughs will be had. It’s funny that these two comedic characters are becoming cannon and that just proves that Disney has no qualms of pulling characters from Legends. It’s still too early to tell what kind of roll they will have but I hope Ron does them justice.