Survivor Rick & Shot Zombie Minimates Pack

It’s Walking Dead Sunday again! Today we’re going to look at the Toys R Us Exclusive Series 4 Survivor Rick & Shot Zombie Minimates 2 pack.


Rick Package

This is one of two packs from the TRU wave with the Toys R Us exclusive seal, but technically all the series 4 Minimates are TRU exclusives since instead of having two “shared” packs at both Local Comic Stores and Toys R Us, Diamond Select Toys had two of the packs share only one character each with the LCS & TRU. I’ll go more in depth about this next week but for right now, let’s take a look at the Shot Zombie.


Shot Zombie 01


As his name suggests, this zombie has been shot! This is one of our first heavy set zombies as well, featuring a slip over torso piece that showcases four bloody holes going straight through the zombie. This effect was accomplished using a clear torso piece under the slip over torso piece.


Shot Zombie 02



Shot Zombie 03


His face is highly detailed as the other zombies and over all, Shot Zombie is a fun figure with a neat effect and diversity to add to your zombie horde


Shot Zombie 04



Survivor Rick is the hero of the pack showcasing the sheriff with long hair and messy, living on the run clothes


Rick S4 01

Rick S4 02


Rick’s rocking a MacReady look and we have the return of his Sheriff jacket! One of the small details I love about this figure is that they’ve added a “worn” look to the jacket by showing one of the shoulder patches half ripped off


Rick S4 03


Underneath the Jacket, Rick has a reissue of the shirt/torso block used for the very first Rick Minimate ever, the SDCC 2012 Rick Grimes


Rick S4 05


Unfortunately this Rick doesn’t come with any spare arms to complete the Jacketless look, but I can forgive that for the simple fact that with this Rick, they included a bandage stump piece on the right arm instead of just painting the bandages on like they have in the past. What this means is that now past Rick figures can now wear the stump!


Rick S4 06


What would be a Rick Minimate without some zombie killing weapons? Well the Survivor here has three main weapons. His trusty Hatchet, a Shotgun (any long term collector has gotten an arsenal of thus far) and his Revolver. Rick also has a belt with a holster for his revovler. This time the belt is different from the previous Rick figures in that it has the holster on the left side. Unfortunately it has the same problem of the gun not fully fitting into the holster too well. Although I must say, at least the gun can fit into it, sadly this belt doesn’t have a place for the Hatchet like previous belts.


Rick S4 04


I mentioned earlier about the return of Rick’s Sheriff Jacket. Well what’s surprising is that it appears they made a new mold for the Jacket. I know there were some complaints about the previous one not fitting too well and being a bit bulky. This one is a tad smaller and thinner but looks almost exactly the same as the old one. The most noticeable differences (other than the height) can be seen with the bottom right pocket (It’s bulkier than the previous one) and in person you’ll notice that the details on the badge are raised rather than etched into the mold (I couldn’t get a good shot showing that)


Rick S4 08


Rick S4 07


Other than needing this set for the new zombie, one would ask, do you really need another Rick? I’m inclined to go with yes for this figure. Not only do we get a new Rick face and hair, but we also get an updated jacket and a bandage piece that can really compliment previous Rick Minimates.


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