Super7 MOTU SDCC Exclusives

You’ve heard the rumors, you’ve seen a few teases, yes, there will be new Super7 MOTU SDCC exclusives this year with the return of Skeletor’s Lair! Read on to see the details and a couple of the exclusives

This year sees the return of the Skeletor’s Lair pop up booth where you can obtain your Super7 MOTU SDCC exclusives. Just like last year you will need to go to the Super7 booth (#4945) to pick up your Power Token


Once you have obtained your (1 per person) Power Token, you then need to go to Skeletor’s Lair (701 8th Avenue (corner of G street)) The Power Token grants you entry into the lair and you get to keep the coin!

Once inside the lair you can buy any of the Super7 MOTU SDCC exclusives which include items like….


MOTU MUSCLE trash can! In homage to the days of MUSCLE figures which would come packaged in large plastic trash cans, the MOTU MUSCLE Trash Can features Skeletor’s head on the lid and holds all 12 multicolored figures from series 1. The set is a steal at $20


Another of the items for sale at Skeletor’s Lair is the debut of wave 2 of the 3.75″ MOTU action figures! This wave has Sorceress, Trap Jaw, Tri-Klops and Man at Arms! The figures are priced at $15 each.

Super7 MOTU SDCC 01

I’m sure there will be more announcements about Skeletor’s Lair and the many items to purchase there so stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated on all the news coming out about SDCC!