Super Powers, The Original DC Heavy Hitter Toy Line

While we are enjoying DC Month on Needless, we wanted to showcase a toy line that is not only fun to collect, but damn tough to collect! That might seem like an oxymoron but trust me, having collecting challenges can be fun! How important is this line to collectors and how did this line shape things to come are two of the questions we will address today and more! Read on for the details!

Kenner launched the Super Powers line in 1984 after winning the license from the Mego Corporation. The emphasis on this new line was the action feature for the heroes (hence the name Super Powers). Kenner wanted to showcase the characters powers and with that the line was born. 

The figures as a whole were smaller in scale, which enabled Kenner to produce some unique playsets and vehicles for the line. Super Powers only lasted 3 years but Kenner put out some amazing products in that short span of time. One of the coolest features for the toys was the overall artwork and the inclusion of a mini comic in waves one and two. The toy line was also supported by a DC comic under the same name. 

This line has become highly collected over the years and in reality, Super Powers kick started the modern action figure toy line for DC Comics. Mego had some excellent releases but this line was completely different.  The emphasis was on the action features and of course the playsets/ vehicles. Some of the releases are incredibly expensive and tough to track down and the mail aways can be tough to locate as well. For many fans, it’s the appeal of the artwork that drives them to collect. This line started it all folks and for many collectors, having these vintage figures in a collection is priceless. The figures were ahead of their time in both sculpts and articulation. While the articulation was nothing compared to say GI Joe, these figures were fun to play with. This is another reason why collectors flock to this line. 

Super Powers was indeed cancelled after 3 years but the impact this line had on future releases is mind boggling. Lets face it, without Super Powers we would not have had the DC Super hero line and who knows when and if the other lines would have taken off. I know that is a bold statement but once a company ventures into a new realm, others will mimic and improve what was originally done. Just look at the Alien toy line for example. Each company that acquired the license was a step ahead of their predecessor. 

Just look at some of the sold prices on Ebay for Super Powers  and you will see that collecting the line can be a challenge. While this line is important to action figure history, one needs to be aware of what came in the line as a whole. Below we have a checklist ready to be printed out or saved if need be. Also be on the lookout for some unreleased protos as those can be super tough to get but before you get to that point, finish the line first. 

All images come courtesy of Kenner



__ Batman

__ Robin

__ Superman

__ Aquaman

__ Green Lantern

__ Flash

__ Hawkman

__ Wonder Woman

__ Joker

__ Penguin

__ Lex Luthor

__ Brainiac


__ Batmobile

__ Supermobile

__ Lex-soar 7

__ Hall of Justice



__ Green Arrow

__ Red Tornado

__ Dr. Fate

__ Firestorm

__ Martian Manhunter

__ Darkseid

__ Kalibak

__ Desaad

__ Parademon

__ Mantis

__ Steppenwolf (Mail Away or Carded)

__ Clark Kent (Mail away)


__ Darkseid Destroyer

__ Kalibak Boulder Bomber

__ Delta Probe 1



__ Cyborg

__ Mr. Miracle

__ Plastic Man

__ Shazam

__ Golden Pharaoh

__ Samurai

__ Orion

__ Tyr

__ Mr. Freeze

__ Cyclotron


__ Batcopter

__ Justice Jogger